I I 1. Regional developments Beer sales in Europe Brewed under the supervision of Heineken (in millions of hectolitres) Europe The activities in Europe comprise the brewing and marketing of the international beer brands, Heineken and Amstel, as well as a number of national brands. The enterprise has breweries in the Netherlands. France, Spain, Italy, Greece and Ireland. In addition, production of Group brands takes place by indepen dent licensees in Britain, Italy, Norway and Sweden. Soft drinks, spirits and wines are mainly marketed in the Netherlands and France. Soft drinks are produced by us in both countries. Europe is the most important continent for the marketing of our international and national brands of beer. Of the total sales of beers brewed under the supervision of our enterprise, 62.7% took place in Europe during the year under review. As already mentioned, the important position occupied by Europe is the result of a deliberate policy, whereby our enterprise has a presence in nearly all West European countries, with the exception of the Federal Republic of Germany. In Europe there was a continuation of the modest economic recovery, though not everywhere to the same extent. In several countries the revival was accompanied by an increase in purchasing power. The summer weather in Europe showed iarge variations, but the beer market as a whole differed little in volume from the previous year. Sales of beer brewed under our supervision further increa sed in 1985. As already observed, this was largely due to the consolidation of the Spanish affiliate El Aguila. In addition, there was overall an autonomous rise in volume. Higher sales were achieved, inter alia, in the Netherlands, Greece and Italy. During the year under review the European Commission took the initiative to bring about a fully integrated free internal market in Europe by 1992. This intention, which is now about to be given shape in many fields, is of course to be welcomed. In this connection we would note, however, that especially in a sector such as the food and stimulants industry, steps must be taken to proceed cautiously. If on the basis of very general principles products can circulate freely in the Common Market, as long as they comply with the regulations of the member state where they are produced or are imported from third countries, the danger of a levelling-down of quality is not imaginary. For the Netherlands food and stimulants industry it is vitally important that the high image which it has world-wide .5 14.2 15.2 19.3 24.8 Other 3,8 Greece 1.9 Italy 2.2 Spain 4.5 France 5.9 Netherlands 6.5 1982 1983 1984 1985 22

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