In behalf of the Collector of Excise Duties in the Netherlands the breweries at Amsterdam (1e v/d Helststraat) and 's-Hertogenbosch, in so far as the latter does not serve as pledge for the above-mentioned private loan, are encumbered with an equitable mortgage of N.fl. 100 million as security for excise duties payable on beer, soft drinks and spirits, as well as for import duties payable. Financial obligations Tenancy agreements have been entered into with third parties, mainly for café premises which are sub-let to customers in the Netherlands. The liabilities on this account, which extend over a number of years, amount to a total of N.fl. 82 million. In addition, for investment in fixed assets orders have been placed for N.fl. 92 million. Guarantee obligations Guarantee obligations have been entered into for N.fl. 48 million through sureties and for N.fl. 5 million through the discounting of drafts. Consolidated Statement of Income Sales proceeds Beer Soft drinks Spirits and wine Other trading income Miscellaneous income Technical fees and other payments Income from miscellaneous and non-current assets Yield from rent of other real estate 2,481,465 279,666 308,550 108,631 3,178,312 2,114,319 241,010 335,962 134,582 2,825,873 37,687 33,054 7,364 6,566 8,046 6,133 51,617 47,233 37

Jaarverslagen en Personeelsbladen Heineken

Jaarverslagen | 1980 | | pagina 38