Cash and securities Cash, balances at banks and giro institutions Cash placed at short notice Securities 81,370 14,655 1,029 77,074 2,570 10,906 97,054 90,550 Share capital Issued and fully paid on January 1, 1980 Capital increase of 25% pursuant to resolution of the General Meeting of Shareholders on April 18, 1980 Issued and fully paid on December 31, 1980 There are 14,449,938 shares of N.fl. 25.par value in circulation. The authorized capital is N.fl. 500 million. General reserve At the beginning of the financial year the balance was Less: bonus distribution as explained under Share capital cash dividend equal to the Netherlands income tax payable in respect thereof goodwill paid less goodwill received Addition in accordance with the appropriation of profit proposed on page 17 Balance on December 31, 1980 288,999 72,249 361,248 557,746 72,249 18,063 2,172 92,484 465,262 32,564 497,826 Special reserve The increase is mainly a consequence of revaluation of various assets after offsetting deferred tax liabilities. 544,822 429,305 The Special reserve also includes the previous Revaluation reserve and the remainder, amounting to 17 of the Share premium account, which is exempt from tax in the event of distribution. 34

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