Sales of beer in the Netherlands (in millions of hectolitres) 6.6 6.6 6.8 6.9 7.1 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 Sales of beer in the rest of Europe Brewed under the supervision of Heineken (in millions of hectolitres) 6.2 6.1 6.6 7.1 7.1 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 The collective labour agreement which was concluded during the financial year with the workers' organizations was retroactive to January 1, 1980, and is to run for a period of two years. During the period under review a memorandum 'Social Policy and Long-term Plan' was drawn up and put for ward for discussion in the consultative bodies of the enterprise in the Netherlands. This memorandum pro vides a framework for the further development of our policy on conditions of employment in the narrow and the broad sense, both in the material and in the non-material sphere. The consultation on the basis of the new Works Councils Act generally proceeded along positive lines, apart from differences of interpretation with regard to the respons- ability of various Councils. During 1980 periodical consultation took place with the Senior Heineken Staff Association. Personnel recruitment gave rise to fewer problems in 1980, broadly speaking, than in previous years. The sluggish growth reduced the demand for personnel, which led to a certain degree of stabilization. In the years ahead changes will occur in the tasks and functions of certain groups of employees. The reasons for this are the continuing automation, the increase in the scale of operations, and developments in society. As regards remuneration, we believe that the very good employee will find it increasingly difficult to put up with the same reward for his efforts as colleagues who per form less. In order to avoid a complete blurring of distinc tions, we are in favour of a form of remuneration accord ing to performance appropriate to this day and age. In order to achieve the so essential improvement in labour productivity, it will similarly be necessary to call a halt to the mainly politically inspired urge towards level ling of incomes. This process has already progressed so far that higher income groups will more and more strongly oppose a further equalization in the field of re muneration. In order to restrict noise nuisance at work, a programme for protection of hearing has been drawn up. In this connection allowance has been made in the Netherlands for the future Conditions of Work Act. Employees who are exposed to noise are regularly tested, inter audiometrically. In view of the limited possibilities for adaptation of the existing installations, the wearing of hearing protection aids remains necessary for the time being. By means of counselling and information we are seeking to convince the employees concerned of this necessity. In France the beer market suffered from the poor weather. Of our brands, only Heineken and Mützig Old Lager developed better than the market as a whole. The rises in costs could not be sufficiently offset by price increases. We are seeking more clearly than before to manifest ourselves in the French market under the Heineken identity. All activities in France are now carried on by Heineken France S.A., whilst Alsacienne de Brasse rie S.A. (Albra) has in the meantime been liquidated. 22

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