income when working hours are shortened, the pros pect of the situation fills us with anxiety from the angle of costs. As regards the policy on conditions of employment in several individual countries, we refer to the regional re porting in this report. Our activities with regard to the training of personnel at all levels are constantly increasing. At many places within the Group our training staff is assisting in the setting up of systems to ensure that training on the job proceeds as efficiently as possible. Earnings Although a number of changes in exchange rates again occurred this year in the currencies of countries in which we have participations, their effect on Group tur nover and earnings was very small. The extension of our interests in various enterprises, explained in further detail on page 11 of this annual report, similarly had only a small effect on the 1980 figures. The statement of income may be shown in condensed form as follows (in millions of guilders): this previous year year amount amount Turnover 3,230 100.- 2,873 100.- Costs 3,033 93.9 2,626 91.4 Trading profit 197 6.1 247 8.6 Interest - 63 - 1.9 - 40 - 1.4 Revenues less charges - -.- 4 0.1 Traction - 54 - 1.7 - 88 - 3.1 L'Wend from partici pations 7 0.2 4 0.2 Minority interests - 4 - 0.1 1 -.- Net profit 83 2.6 126 4.4 Turnover The geographical break-down of sales of beer brewed under the supervision of Heineken was asTollows (in thousands of hectolitres): this year previous year Europe* 14,113 14,006 Western Hemisphere 3,602 3,054 Africa 5,799 5,348 Middle and Far East 2,383 2,151 25,897 24,559 'including the Netherlands 7,055 6,880 Turnover, comprising Sales proceeds and Miscel laneous income, rose by 12.4% to N.fl. 3,230 million in 1980. Miscellaneous income, which includes the technical fees and other payments, yield from rent and interest on loans to customers, increased by over N.fl. 4 million to nearly N.fl. 52 million. Subdivided according to product group, Sales proceeds were as follows (in millions of guilders): this previous year year Beer 2,481 2,114 Soft drinks 280 241 Spirits and wine 308 336 Other trading income 109 135 3,178 2,826 The rise of N.fl. 352 million in Sales proceeds is largely due to the increase in selling prices. Costs The rise of N.fl. 407 million in Costs is mainly due to price increases both in the variable costs such as raw materials, packing materials and excise duties, and in the fixed costs, including Salaries and social security costs and Depreciation. Partly as a result of some increase in the number of employees, the item Salaries and social security costs rose by 10.7%. Depreciation increased as a result of the high level of investment in recent years, as well as through revalua tion. 15

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