Recommendations of the Supervisory Council To the Shareholders We have received the annual accounts for the financial year 1980 drawn up by the Board of Managing Direc tors, which we have approved. These annual accounts, shown on pages 28 to 47 of this report, have been audited by the auditors, Messrs. Klynveld Kraayenhof Co. Their Report is included on page 48. We recommend you to adopt the annual accounts and, in accordance with the proposal by the Board of Man aging Directors, to fix the dividend for the financial year at N.fl. 50,575,000 and to add the remainder of the pro fit, amounting to N.fl. 32,564,000, to the General reser ve. Per share of N.fl. 25.— this proposal means a divi dend of N.fl. 3.50, of which N.fl. 1.50 was already made payable as interim dividend on September 19, 1980. At the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders to be held on April 28, 1981, Jonkheer O. A. E. E. L. Wittert van Hoogland, Chairman of the Supervisory Council, will be retiring from the Council this year upon reaching the age limit laid down by law. His fellow-members of the Supervisory Council wish to pay tribute to Jonkheer Wittert for his energetic efforts, both during his time on the Council and in the other posts in which he was previously associated with the Company. The enterprise has greatly benefited there from. His colleagues take this opportunity to express their appreciation of the many years of pleasant co-operation. At the aforesaid General Meeting Mr. A. Jiskoot and Mr. A. G. Maris will also be retiring by rotation as mem bers of the Supervisory Council. Both are immediately eligible for reappointment. Binding nominations drawn up by us will be submitted to the General Meeting for the appointment of two mem bers of the Supervisory Council. Finally we wish to express our gratitude to the Board of Managing Directors and all employees for the way in which they have again promoted the interests of the enterprise during the past year, which has certainly not been without its problems. Amsterdam, April 3, 1981 Wittert van Hoogland Thyssen-Bornemisza Jiskoot Van Doorne Stikker Orlandini Maris Loudon

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