The Heineken Group The origins of the enterprise lie in Amsterdam, where in 1864 Gerard Adriaan Heineken acquired the brewery De Hooiberg, dating from 1592. Soon after the take over the field of activity was extended to the whole of the Netherlands and a start was made on activities abroad. Heineken is now an international beverages concern producing and distributing leading brands, with the em phasis on beer. Sales are made in over 150 markets. The Group has production facilities at its disposal in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. Apart from our own and affiliated breweries, Heineken and Amstel beer are also produced under licence by third parties. In ad dition, Heineken gives production assistance in the field of both engineering and technology. Research traditionally occupies an important position as the basis for the activities of the Group. The research and development activities are mainly performed cen trally, i.e. in the laboratories at Zoeterwoude in the Neth erlands. Important brands in the range are as follows: beer Heineken, Amstel, Bintang, Dreher, Mützig, as well as brands of affiliated enterprises, including Anchor, Pri mus, Star, Tiger. soft drinks Royal Club (tonic, soda water, ginger ale etc.), Green Sands (shandy), Sisi, as well as Pepsi-Cola and Seven- Up produced under licence for the Netherlands. spirits and wine Bokma and Hoppe (genevers), Coebergh (liqueurs), Paradisi, Adorana, Hennekens Els la Vera (herbal bitter), as well as Jagermeister, Garvey (sherry) and wines from houses such as Bouchard Père Fils produced under licence or represented for the Netherlands market. 8

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