Mr. Heineken was especially interested, such as advertising, in which he had a very big influence and still does. One article is entitled "Daar komt-ie weer" ("There he comes again") and refers to his consuming interest in architecture in general and his frequent visits of inspection to the various building projects. In recent years these were the Zoeterwoude brewery, the distillery in Zoetermeer and the reconstruction of Hotel de l'Europe in Amsterdam. Mr. Heineken's invention, the World Bottle (WoBo), is also described. This is a rectangular beer bottle which, after its contents have been drunk, can be used in remote areas as a glass brick for smaller buildings. The World Bottle was indeed successfully applied in an experimental stage, but when the project was complete the glass can, much lighter than the WoBo, came on the market. So the WoBo was forced to make way because of its higher packaging and transportation costs. None the less, this was still one of the earliest examples of a practical approach to recycling by industry. The Dr. H.P. Heineken Prize, instituted by Mr. Heineken and named after his father, also receives the attention it deserves. At the moment it is Holland's biggest prize for an achievement of exceptional importance in the fields of biochemistry and biophysics, including microbiology and germination physiology. Every three years the winner is chosen by the Dutch Royal Academy of Sciences and at a subsequent meeting is presented with the prize, consisting of 200,000 guilders in cash and a crystal. The prize is usually presented by a member of the Dutch Royal Family. In another article Mr. Heineken's chauffeur gives his view of his employer, whom he has been driving to all sorts of places over the past eighteen years. This article particularly reveals Mr. Heineken's qualities as a person. Then there is an interview with Mr. Heineken himself, in which he tells about the pleasant and less pleasant aspects of his work. In between, completely different topics are discussed, such as his interest in art, in photography, films and architecture. In his experience he is often a welcome guest at parties, for people think that having a brewer in their home is jolly and good fun, because beer reminds them of the pleasant moments in life. He closes the interview with the thought that often crosses his mind on such occasions: "Good gracious, you work for Heineken, that's nice". One of the last articles in the magazine features Mr. Heineken as patron of the Heineken Brass Band. The special issue was made in secret and when the interview was held, Mr. Heineken thought it was meant for inclusion in another publication. It took a lot of effort, but Mr. Heineken's complete surprise when presented with the special number was reward enough. 5

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