A.H.Heineken: 40 years' service to the company Celebration Some months ago, Mr. A.H. Heineken, chairman of Heineken N.V., completed 40 years in the company's service. Surely an occasion that could not go by unmarked, and did not, even though celebrating this anniversary together with 6,000 employees in Holland presented something of an organizational challenge. However, a good solution was found by holding receptions in each big plant on the same day but at different times, enabling Mr. Heineken to attend personally and to accept a great many congratulatory handshakes. At the end of each meeting Mr. Heineken briefly addressed those present. Just before the day on which he celebrated his 40th anniversary, Mr. Heineken was presented with a special issue of the company's house magazine devoted entirely to him. The contents of that magazine are briefly reviewed below. Congratulatory messages from his three colleagues on the Executive Board are followed by an outline of Mr. Heineken's career. In 1942 he started work in the pilot brewery in the Rotterdam plant, after which he worked in Raw Materials Buying. A milestone in his life was his stay of several years in the United States. Upon his return he held several further posts both inside and outside the company. One of his achievements was the setting up of the company's advertising department. Between 1951 and 1958 Mr. Heineken was a delegated supervisory director, then supervisory board president from 1958 to 1964, followed by his appointment in 1964 as a member and in 1971 as chairman of the Executive Board. To summarize, the company has expanded under his management from a Dutch brewery with interests abroad to become an internationally operating concern. The next article contains reminiscences of people who knew'Mr. Heineken in earlier years together with their congratulatory wishes. Various articles deal with areas in which 4

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