In this issue: Heineken Mr G.R. Habbershaw appointed Director Page Typical Dutch bulb-fields near Amsterdam front-cover Mr. G.R. Habbershaw appointed Director 2 Professor Weissmann receives the Dr. H.P. Heineken Prize for 1982 3 A.H. Heineken: 40 years' service to the company 4 Controlling the quality of our products 6 Amstel on its way 9 Green Sands heading for success 10 Green Sands launched in Indonesia 11 Amstel Brewery inaugurated in Canada 12 The Amstel Diamond Award of Excellence 13 Fire Alarm 14 Plastic crates in Rwanda 15 Multi Bintang Indonesia goes public 15 Ibadan. New venture in Nigeria 16 Introducing. a new Heineken glassware family 18 Guestbook 19 Flower stall on one of the Amsterdam markets back-cover No. 63 International Heineken magazine Appears quarterly Heineken Contact P.O. Box 2010 1000 CA Amsterdam The Netherlands Marcel Etjck Freddy de Jonge Ton Kroon Peter de Lange Francis Tjaarda With effect from 1st January 1983 Mr. G. Rodney Habbershaw was appointed Regional Coordinating Director for North America and the Caribbean area. His home base will be New York. Before taking up his new appointment, Mr. Habbershaw was General Manager of National Brewing Company in Trinidad. His successor there will be Mr. H. Bhopalsingh. c Editorial committee: Permission must he obtained from the Editorial committee for the reproduction in part or in full of any material from this magazine.

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