A new Heineken glassware family Introducing. We have pleasure in presenting a new range of Heineken glasses. A range which we believe is immediately recognizable as a family, with unmistakable family features. Apart from the familiar logotype we've tried to make the shapes a point of recognition. Each of the five types starts out slender at the base and broadens gracefully towards the top. Even number 4, which has a stem, takes on the family identity from the bottom of the glass upwards. We recommend that this distinctive shape should be featured in future advertising. So that the reader - or just the casual flip- through observer-will in time involuntarily recognize the actual Heineken glasses on sight. Without even reading the logo. Numbers 3 and 5 are genuine craft glasses - skilfully blown by mouth - and supplies are limited. So please note that orders for only small quantities can be accepted. But types 12 and 4 are mass-produced and you may order as many as you need. Welcome to the Heineken glassware family! Name of the family glass standard V2 pint extra large lpint stemmed de luxe code no. price Dfl.0.65 Dfl. 1.25 Dfl. 2.25 Dfl. 2.25 Dfl. 1.25 contents brim-full 32 cl 11.27 floz 43 cl 15.14 floz 56 cl 19.72 floz 30 cl 10.56 floz 32 cl 11.27 floz extra large ,T CIS3SS3 stemmed

Jaarverslagen en Personeelsbladen Heineken

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