6 Bk. - Je- lui After his speech, Mr. C.E. Abebe, chairman of the Board of Directors of Nigerian Breweries Ltd., cuts the superbly decorated inauguration cake. carrying sections which can be moved vertically and which made it possible for the Apollos to be lowered to pass under a viaduct which crosses the Lagos-Ibadan road. with a mere 5 centimetres to spare. A purpose-built electric power station has been installed in the brewery. Three diesel generators, each with a 2,000 h.p. rating, permit the brewery to operate independently of the local electricity company. Over three hundred site-workers spent several years on the construction of this brewery. They included a few dozen Europeans who were largely responsible for installing the machines. These temporary emigrants made their homes in a specially constructed village on the edge of the site. Meanwhile six houses have been built on the site as accommodation for the brewery's permanent operating staff, and for visitors. With approximately 1000 employees, the brewery will mainly make Star and Gulder beers as well as a malt beverage and Green Sands Shandy on bottling lines with a capacity of 108,000 big bottles per hour. All in all, a project that Nigerian Breweries can be proud of, as can U.A.C. International, which supplied the commercial and financial advice, and Heineken Technical Services, which took care of the technical side of things. Inauguration Last autumn the Ibadan brewery was officially opened by the Vice-President of Nigeria, His Excellency Dr. Alex Ekwueme, who unveiled a copper commemorative plaque, thus inaugurating the fourth brewery of Nigerian Breweries Ltd. A shadow was cast over the opening ceremony because of the passing away on the previous day of the Olubadan, a traditional ruler in Nigeria, who was to have broken open the cola nut. This is an old Nigerian custom which serves to obtain a blessing. On account of his death some of the festivities were cancelled, like the dancing by various traditional groups. The official part of the opening was concluded by a visit to the huge brewery site. The plant is already operating at its maximum capacity. The brewery site with surroundings 17

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