Green Sands launched in Indonesia The start of Green Sands production and sales in Indonesia was organized in a really big way. Below, some pictures taken during the launch of Green Sands on Java, the island which has Indonesia's highest population density. About 95 million people live there, two-thirds of the country's total population. In the first four months the Green Sands sales area will cover only Java and Bali. The latter island in particular is a highly popular destination for tourists. Indonesia will be the first country in which Green Sands will be sold in a screened bottle. Multi Bintang Indonesia, our associated brewery, is handling the production and marketing. An encouraging feature during the first launch meetings with the trade was that the number of orders taken was 50% higher than expected. Boats carrying Green Sands and Bir Bintang sails pictured during the traditional sailing race at Sanur Beach (Bali) which was sponsored by P. T. Multi Bintang Indonesia. Mr. Tanri Abeng symbolically hands over the racing sails to the mayor of Sanur Beach. At the Balita charity bazaar in Jakarta IndonesiaMrs. Tien Suharto, wife of the Indonesian President, visited the Green Sands stand. The Surabaya promotion team on East Java. 11 -2Ï--

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