Green Sands heading for success The Shandy Winner Green Sands Shandy is a refreshing blend of beer and apple-lime lemonade. Its foamy head and tangy flavour plus that dash of alcohol combine to make this drink something special. As the first, truly international shandy, Green Sands has a flavour and appearance that have made friends everywhere. Product launches and market research have borne this out. Two years ago the brand-owner, Green Sands S.A., a subsidiary of Heineken, started issuing licensing agreements for this brand. Now it is locally produced in the Netherlands Antilles, Trinidad, Nigeria, Tahiti, New Caledonia and Indonesia. An outstanding achievement in such a short space of time. Within the foreseeable future the drink will also be introduced in some European countries. Green Sands is also exported to such countries as Japan, where it is again meeting with an enthusiastic response. Since beer is an essential ingredient of Green Sands, potential producers will mainly be breweries as well as soft drinks manufacturers who have links with a brewery. The product falls in a special class all of its own. With its price between that of soft drinks and that of beer, it offers an attractive profit margin. Green Sands will therefore be a welcome addition to the product range of many a beverage industry. When Green Sands was first introduced, all involved were convinced that the product's name and presentation had been an excellent choice. The past two years have certainly left no doubts about this. Manufacturers who decide to start producing Green Sands will be able to rely on technical expertise and marketing support. Not merely in the form of marketing advice, but also through the provision of television and radio commercials and a series of publicity articles. Every new product launch is a high-risk venture. But, judging from the progress achieved by Green Sands thus far, this product is definitely heading towards a successful future. SHANDY LESS THAN 1'. ALC/VOL.

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