I I 9 A superb wroughl-iron peacock, and in front of it an old-fashioned miniature brewing vat. This work, at Heineken 's Pedavena brewery in Italy, is by a local artist who has made a name for himself with his wrought-iron creations. official opening. The result was a superb collection of art, ranging from lithographs to large, very modern wall-hangings, now on display along the hundreds of metres of corridors in the Zoeterwoude office complex. Sculptures presented to the company were given places of honour in the courtyards and open spaces throughout the building. As a large and well-known company, Heineken is often asked to sponsor concerts, plays or films. Such requests are numerous, so the company often donates a certain sum and in this way indirectly promotes the arts. Visitors to the reception centre at Zoeterwoude often remark on the two bronze statues representing Industry and Commerce. These formerly graced the facade of our malting-plant in Belgium. When they arrived in Holland it was found that rust had already begun its destructive This statue, representing 'Industry1, is one of a pair flanking the entrance to the park in Zoeterwoude, in which the reception building is situated. It used to grace the fagade of our malting-plant in Belgi- work. With the aid of information obtained from several Dutch and Belgian museums the two figures were perfectly restored to their original glory. Restoration is yet another way in which Heineken promotes the arts by preserving such works for the enjoyment of future generations. A wall-hanging in one of the halls at the Zoeter woude office building. A gift to mark the opening of the Zoeterwoude complex.

Jaarverslagen en Personeelsbladen Heineken

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