Heineken and the arts Part of the Heineken Gallery. Located on a bustling street close to Amsterdam's city centre, the Heineken Gallery simply cannot be overlooked by passers-by. It forms part of the brewery building and was set up years ago by fitting show windows in a blank wall 30 metres long. You cannot go inside the gallery as it consists solely of these display windows which are made available to exhibiting artists free of charge for a period of about five weeks. Diverse works of art, including paintings and photographs, are on display - usually works by professional artists, though sometimes a group exhibition is held of the 8 work of hobby painters and talented amateurs. As the number of artists interested in displaying their work far exceeds the space available, a selection has to be made. To guarantee as unbiased a choice of exhibits as possible, Heineken leaves the decision to an Amsterdam artist. Most of the works shown are by Dutch artists, though works from other countries are also welcomed. Obviously, in the more than a century of its existence, the Heineken Group has itself acquired many 'objets d'art'. Not only paintings, bronze busts, Dutch tiles and old watches, but also an extensive modern art collection in the offices at the Zoeterwoude brewery. This collection was started in 1975 when the brewery was opened. Many well-wishers inquired what sort of gift they could present to the management to celebrate that occasion. The reply was: works of art. Fortunately, a Foundation called 'Art and Enterprise' exists in Holland whose object is to bridge the worlds of industry and art. Heineken was able to use this Foundation as an intermediary in recommending the most suitable choice to those who wished to present a work of art to the management to mark Zoeterwoude's

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