Copper Kettle Award presented to Millbrands Star mv Dutch truck for Greece "I think it's the best beer in the world and I tell everyone that". This is the philosophy of Mr. W.R. "Nip" Scott and perhaps one of the main reasons why he won the Heineken Copper Kettle Award for 1980. The award - a scaled-down replica of a copper brewing kettle - is presented by Heineken each year to a member of the sales/marketing staff of Millbrands, Inc., worldwide brokers of our beer to the U.S. military forces. In 1980 more than a quarter of a million cases were sold by Millbrands in Europe and the Pacific, and 42,000 of these were sold by "Nip" Scott to U.S. bases in the United Kingdom. But the award is not presented solely on the basis of outstanding sales achievements; other, less tangible criteria are also taken into account, for instance individual promotion work. At American bases in Britain most of the sales are made via package stores and across the bars in military clubs. "In the clubs Heineken costs more than American beers, its main competitors in the U.K., but after all you have to pay a premium if you want quality. Most U.S. servicemen already know Heineken from back home and benefit from the fact that the lower duties for the military mean that they can buy Heineken at a lower price than in clubs and restaurants in the States", explains Nip, a genial Englishman who has been with Millbrands for six years. Millbrands is based in Dallas and has its European headquarters at Neu-Isenburg, near Frankfurt. The greater numbers of personnel stationed in Continental Europe are the main reason why sales there are higher than in the U.K. And, as always with Heineken, the markets differ: in the U.K. there is little competition from British brands, but in Germany the strong local breweries provide the main competition. None the less, thanks to Millbrands' efforts and Nip's philosophy, the familiar 33 cl "stubbies" continue to enjoy great popularity amongst U.S. servicemen. The certificate for 'Nip' Scott, who won the award in 1980. It takes nearly a year before the winner can be determined. Some years ago Heineken started standardizing its fleet of beer and soft drinks trucks and the results of Physical Distribution Department's efforts can today be seen on many a Dutch road. One of the main features of the new-style trucks is the 'roll-cloth' system, which permits instant lifting or lowering of the tarpaulin cover. Definitely a time-saving device. Following its successful standardization of the Dutch vehicles, Physical Distribution recently offered a helping hand to Athenian Brewery in Greece when new trucks were needed in that country. Recently a large DAF truck-trailer combination was completed and sent out to Greece. Equipped with the roll-cloth system, it is fully adapted to load Greek-size beer pallets. The prototype version was built in Holland to ensure harmonization of the truck's constructional details and exterior publicity. Thus, with the aid of Heineken experience in this field, Athenian Brewery took the first step towards the complete renovation of its transport system. ryt/SYY' - S(yYY /jfY'YfSr/ W.R. "Nip" Scott 7

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