Canadian Brewery joins Heineken Group Widening their horizon A brewery plant in Hamilton (Ontario), Canada, was acquired by Amstel Brewery International, a subsidiary of the Heineken Group. It has a yearly capacity of some 150,000 hectolitres and employs around 70 people. The new company recently introduced a new brand, "Hamilton Mountain", for the local Hamilton market and launched Amstel Beer on the Ontario market. Heineken beer will not be brewed in Hamilton, but will continue to be exported from Holland to Canada. This new acquisition will operate under the name Amstel Brewery Canada Ltd. The transaction was concluded by signing the definite contract. Pictured from left to right at the signing ceremony are Mr. Y. van der Krieke, special assignments of our Group, Mr. R. van de Vijver, Heineken Executive Board member, Mr. M.A. Eustace and Mr. F.E. Mc Connell, representing Henninger the former owner, and Mr. H.A. Buchbinder, general manager of Amstel Brewery Canada Ltd. thought sufficient to discuss their impressions. But that was a mistake as a very animated exchange of ideas took place which lasted until lunch. The journalists who had selected the participants were also present and the articles giving an account of the Dutch stay have meanwhile been published. Undoubtedly, the experience was useful to all concerned. After all, what nicer way is there to widen your horizon than going abroad and learning something more about your trade from other people? And at the same time being able to offer them your own expert advice in return? The participants that took part in the Heineken Exchange Visit to Amsterdam. Three representatives of the United Kingdom beer trade spent a brief but fruitful busman's holiday in Holland to find out how their Dutch counterparts solved their problems. The three - an off- licence dealer, a supermarket manager and a cash carry wholesaler - were chosen by English trade paper journalists, who took great care to select persons who would profit most from the experience. Upon landing at Amsterdam Airport they were met by their respective Heineken hosts. Naturally, when the U.K. visitors were taken to meet their Dutch colleagues the next day, they saw many things that were new to them; but they were obviously also able to pass on some tips to their Dutch counterparts about improving their way of working. The following morning an hour was

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