Cross-country car event in Gabon mma m The destruction of4,500 Heineken airbeds, 18% of which were found to leak. As this percentage was unacceptably high, a decision was taken to send the entire batch to be destroyed under the watchful eye of W. van Houten, advertising materials buyer. A very unpleasant operation, but one that was essential to protect Heineken's good name. Heineken had not yet taken delivery of the batch, so the costs of incineration and of the airbeds themselves were borne by the supplier. the article may have deteriorated somewhat because of storage. The sheer weight of numbers makes it impossible to check everything. And, talking about the sheer weight of numbers, have you any idea of how many beer mats Heineken distributes throughout the world each year? Make a guess! The answer is given on page 14 (Bet you were not even close!) Though cute in itself, this little hat, made from cans and wool by a lady admirer of our beer, will certainly not find a place in our advertising materials storeroom. This Heineken material went out of stock long ago. But we thought you wouldn't want to miss seeing this photo! Though Heineken does not sponsor individual sportspeople such as racing drivers or showjumpers, it often sponsors events which are very diverse in nature, ranging from speed-skating contests to marathons. One such highly unusual event was held in Gabon, where powerful cars were put through their paces in a sort of endurance test over difficult terrain. The show was surrounded by a great deal of publicity for our product. There were posters announcing the event, television and radio coverage and, of course, newspaper reports, whilst the 2,500 spectators were often brought face to face with our brand. On the day before the event very heavy rains had turned the course into a quagmire. On the day itself the sun shone, though not enough to firm up the muddy soil. As a result the drivers, who included three lady entrants, had to stop more than once for repairs.

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