Delft Blue, the world-famous Dutch pottery, is often used for our advertising articles. A corner of the showroom of the Advertising Buying department. new glasses will be delivered shortly; a special mailing will announce their availability. The magic word nowadays is nostalgia. So the items used by our grandparents are naturally very much in demand. With the modern techniques now available to us, surely it ought to be simple to make such items again today? As we have discovered from experience, however, the craftsmen who used to make those old-fashioned articles for our grandparents have long since retired. without passing on the skills of the trade to their sons. The coppersmith is one example. The few coppersmiths still active in their workshops simply could not turn out the thousands of articles needed by Heineken each time it launches a sales promotion. Obviously, in attempts to counter problems like this, Peter Ylstra and his buyers roam the world in search of sources of such products. And yet they often encounter serious obstacles in the form of differences in culture and in the raw materials used. There are thousands of coppersmiths in India. But the copper they work with is quite unlike the type Heineken would want to use. The department must,of course, also keep well abreast of all new fashion trends, so that shirts and jackets used to promote Heineken all have that up-to-the-minute look. Printing Another responsibility of Advertising Buying relates to the considerable amount of printed matter used by Heineken to promote its products. The volume of posters, showcards and similar items handled by the department makes it one of Holland's biggest purchasers in the trade. Needless to say, the checking of proofs - not only for exact colour matchings, but also for mistake-free texts in many, many languages - is another vitally important aspect of the department's work. Trade use agreements Though many an article in the world bears the Heineken trademark, not all of them were produced at Heineken's request: some were manufactured by third parties for their own risk. And, however pleased we are when our name is given maximum display, we would never want to see it misprinted or our emblem misused. We therefore make sure that any manufacturer who wishes to use our brand for his own articles signs what is known as a trade use agreement. This is issued by the Advertising Buying department, which also checks to ensure that the rules of the agreement are being complied with. Misuse Sometimes it happens that a manufacturer "forgets" to ask our permission before turning out an article bearing the Heineken name. As this almost invariably results in the misuse of our logo or brand- name, we immediately have to take legal action. Misuse is something Heineken cannot permit under any circumstances. In shops and retail outlets all over the world, T-shirts, packs of playing cards, glasses, Delft blue beer mugs and bath- towels bearing the Heineken logo are sold, as are cigarette lighters mounted in Heineken cans. We are always grateful to receive any indication that the Heineken brand-name is being misused on any item, no matter how small. So, if any of our readers happen to come across examples of misuse, please write to Peter Ylstra and let him know (Heineken Nederland BV. P.O. Box 500, 2380 BA Zoeterwoude), especially since our name might be used on products of poor quality without our consent or permission. Minor faults In all, some 500 different articles are used to promote our company's various brands All of them were ordered by Advertising Buying and were subjected to its scrutiny. But, obviously, not each and every single article can be checked all the time. Perhaps a manufacturer may have slipped up somewhere along the line, unnoticed by Zoeterwoude's watchdogs. If you ever spot such a minor fault in any item, please bear in mind that, despite the exhaustive tests made before the order was placed, many an article will have been designed from scratch, or a raw material new to that particular process may have been used, or lUrilltkl-

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