In this issue: Heineken Mr Leo van Munching Page Mr. Leo van Munching 2 Buying what people like 3 Widening their horizon 6 Canadian Brewery joins Heineken Group 6 Dutch truck for Greece 6 Copper Kettle Award presented to Millbrands Star 7 Cross-country car event in Gabon 7 Heineken and the Arts 8 South Koreans introduced Heineken Beer 10 Big Heineken Birthday Party in the Bahamas 11 An old Heineken friend 12 New today old tomorrow 13 Ensuring Energy 14 Guarding against the fires of Athens 14 Mini-business in Burundi 14 New Guinean Beer 14 Guestbook 15 No. 62 International Heineken magazine Appears quarterly Heineken Contact P.O. Box 2010 1000 CA Amsterdam The Netherlands Editorial committee: Marcel Eijck Freddy de Jonge Ton Kroon Peter de Lange Francis Tjaarda w y We take great pleasure in announcing that Mr. Leo van Munching Jr., President of Van Munching Co., importers of our beer in the United States, was recently appointed an Officer in the Order of Oranje Nassau by Her Majesty the Queen of the Netherlands for his services to the Dutch economy. We take this opportunity of offering our sincere congratulations to Mr. Leo van Munching on this distinction. Just after the ceremony. From left to right: Mr. R. van de Vijver, member of the Executive Board of Heineken, Jhr. L. Quarles van Ufford, Consul General of the Netherlands in New York, Mrs. Van Munching, Mr. L. van Munching and Mr. M.H. Rijkens, manager of Heineken s New York Office. Permission must be obtained from the Editorial committee for the reproduction in pan or in full of any material from this magazine.

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