NewGuinean Beer 15 On the occasion of his visit to Amsterdam, Mr. S. Kokubu, sole importer of Heineken beer in Japan, presented a miniature, silver- plated replica of a work by the Japanese artist Yoshiynki Chosa, to Mr. J. van der Werf, member of the Executive Board of Heineken and to Mr. A. Ypma (centre), regional Export Manager Australasia. The original was commissioned by Mr. Kokubu to commemorate his firm's 270th anniversary. This year Amstel Beer is being re-introduced on the Swedish market and to that end an agreement was reached with the Warby Brewery and a sales organization Saljbolaget. The above photograph shows the signing of the contract in the Heineken boardroom in Amsterdam. From left to right standing: A.P.H. van Heeringen, (Area Market Manager Amstel), G. Burman (Managing Director Warby BreweryK. Brandt. (Regional Export Manager). Sitting from left to right: A.A. Vellekoop, (Head Licensing Dept.), H. Holm (managing director Saljbolaget), K. Lindfors (retired member of the board Swedish KF Coorporation), A.H. Heineken, G. van Schaik, I Member of Executive Board of Heineken Mr. K.J. Webb, Group Marketing Controller, South Pacific Brewery Limited South Pacific Brewery Ltd. owns two plants in Papua New Guinea and is one of Heineken's 57 associated breweries. A visit to Holland by its Group Marketing Controller, Mr. Ken Webb, gave us a chance to ask him how beer was sold in that far away country with its 3'/2 million inhabitants. Selling beer is made more difficult than usual there because of a ban on normal advertising via the media. Only sales promotions on the licensed premises are permitted. This makes life pretty tough for the advertising man because it often means plain hard work: like organizing raffle evenings with a tombola ticket free' for each customer buying a beer. And the prizes? Food parcels for the wives, and they stay at home! At such promotions private video shows play a rather important part. Videotaped instruction programmes on how to box recorded when boxing champions trained pupils are presented, alternated by interviews with the champs about their future plans, training methods and so on, whilst occasionally a customer may just be daring enough to walk on the steely stomach of the best Commonwealth boxer. Live Kung Fu exhibitions are also brought to the bars. South Pacific Brewery also livens up the evenings by engaging a band which often accompanies the audience in a rendering of special SP songs in pidgin English, the official language along with the Queen's English. Having only two official tongues is quite an achievement for a country which has about 700 languages and dialects. Distribution is done by truck and small ships and very rarely by air. Airfreight is the only means, however, when it comes to supplying the new Ok-tedi gold mine project. No road leads there as yet, for it is located in forbidding territory where there are 345 days of rain a year. South Pacific Brewery has plans to start exporting soon. Distribution-wise this should after all prove simpler than delivering beer to some of the more remote corners of Papua New Guinea, and it will benefit the national economy as well. Enjoying an SP-beer A Papua Highlander with SP-hat

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