SS Guarding against the fires of Athens Ensuring energy Mini-business in Burundi Electricity helps out Crating the pump In Athens hundreds of incendiary fires were lit by political groups trying to attract attention shortly before the Greek general elections. Athenian Brewery, a Heine ken affiliated company, is located in an area with shrubs and brushwood. Though in no immediate danger, the brewery soon discovered that so many outbreaks of fire all at once made the municipal water supply useless for extin guishing purposes because of the drop in pressure. A large reservoir filled to the brim is on hand in the brewery, but the capacity of the existing pumps would not have provided enough pressure to fight any fires that might have threatened the premises. As soon as this potential risk became apparent, a telex was sent off straight away to Zoeterwoude and within hours a member of Heineken's technical staff had taken off for Athens with a fire pump which he installed at the brewery. Luckily, no fires ever reached the brewery and the new pump did not see any action, but this forms a good illustration of how quickly help can be dispatched from Heineken Holland when an emergency threatens. 14 The pictures show the apparatus being unloaded from the plane and installed in the brewery. The availability and cost of energy sources cause problems all over the world. One such case occurred at Bralima S.A.R.L. in Bukavu (Zaïre), where it was found that regular oil supplies could no longer be relied on. Since ample power could be obtained from the nearby hydroelectric power station, it was decided to replace the oil-fired boiler by a new, electrically heated steam boiler. Choosing the method for shipping the boiler out to Bukavu was not easy. Finally it was decided to airlift it inland from the coast, thus saving two months' time and even some money, and also reducing the risk of damage to practically nil. At 5.70 m long, 2.70 wide and, complete with all fittings such as a degasifier and two switching cabinets, the boiler weighed a total of 16,000 kilos. This was the maximum that the Hercules plane could carry under the circumstances, for the Bukavu airfield is not very long and has no refuelling facilities. The height of the loading door was only 2.73 m, and the extreme precision needed to fit the boiler through meant that loading took twelve hours. But all went well and the result was a spectacular air-transport achievement. The photo shows quite a familiar roadside scene in many parts of the world. But how often will you spot a customer at such a teeny weeny stall sporting such unusual headgear as a Heineken carton? This customer was at a stall in the neighbourhood of the Bujumbura brewery in Burundi, where many such small businesses can be found. The vendors - not always children, but quite often adults as well - offer matches, cigarettes and a local kind of Sunlight soap to the many people passing by on foot or in cars. Articles like these are offered for sale alongside most of the busier roads. Answer to question on page 5: Heineken distributes 30 million beer mats per year.

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