Big Heineken Birthday Party in the Bahamas Heinek fHgkSi nr* (426! 26033 A special display to mark the anniversary. „Miss Heineken" at one of the many prize presentations she attended. Miss Heineken", 19-year-old Kennie Ritchie, affixes the first Bumper Sticker. was much jostling at the prize-giving because there had been so many events producing winners.To mention just a few: Softball, whist, dominoes, backgammon, golf, sailing, checkers, a cycle race and - no surprise in this country with its big English influence - cricket. As a lot of the contests were held more than once a week, the number of fixtures came to quite an impressive total. Heineken teams defended the brand's colours in many a sport. Besides the sports events, there was a Bumper Sticker campaign, in which prizes could be won by car-owners whose licence plate numbers were drawn, and a Heineken Treasure Hunt for a hidden bottle of the good brew. Estimating the number of Heineken crown corks on display in transparent boxes in various outlets brought cash prize rewards for accurate guessers. Needless to say, there was high advertising coverage in the papers and on the radio, and special posters made sure that no islander could possibly overlook the fact that Heineken had been in the Bahamas for as long as thirty years. Seldom has the anniversary of Heineken's arrival in a country been To mark the 30th anniversary of Heineken imports in the Bahamas, the exclusive agents for our brand, Bahamas Blenders Ltd., staged a gigantic birthday celebration lasting three months during which a great many festivities and events were organized. The party got off to a fine start with a beauty contest to elect a Miss Heineken. She was to play a very important role in presenting the prizes to the winners of the many contests. The festivities were officially launched at a "Beerfest Jamboree", a full day of music and dancing and, of course, with Heineken beer available at very attractive prices. At the end of the twelve weeks of celebrations a prize presentation day was held for all the winners. Inevitably, there The dozens of prizes made available by Bahama Blenders for the winners of the various contests. celebrated in such a big way and for such a long period. Our sincere compliments to Bahama Blenders on their spectacular initiative.

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