South Koreans introduced 6101 UI 2Ü Beer ofOIUIö! Above you can see how 'Heineken' is written in Korean characters. Until about a year ago no-one had ever given any thought as to how Heineken should be written in that language, as there had until then been no way of importing beer into South Korea. Which was a pity, as the country's 39 million inhabitants represent a very substantial market. Recently, however, Heineken became available thanks to a licensing agreement signed with Oriental Breweries in Seoul. The The guests being welcomed: From left to right, Mr. A. Ypma, Regional Export Manager Australasia Heineken, Mr. U-Kyung Sung greeting a guest and Mr. J.S. Chung, both vice- presidents of Oriental Breweries, Mr. Den Hond, Regional Coordinating Director Heineken, and Mr. Y.O. Park, president of Oriental Breweries. company forms part of the Doosan Group, which operates in many, highly diversified fields. The traditional, locally produced beverages are rice wine and Soju, a type of gin, but beer consumption in South Korea has grown considerably of late, even despite the high price caused by a tax of as much as 215%Consumption per head still amounts to only about 16 litres, but the future looks promising for our brand, which is sold as a premium beer in 33 cl one-way bottles, whereas practically all other beers are available mainly in 64 cl bottles and 50 cl returnables. Heineken is also available in cans. As usual, Heineken insists on top quality and has therefore stationed a Heineken brewer at Oriental Breweries to The facade of the Lotte hotel in Seoul where the Heineken launch was held. The sign reads: New product Heineken beer launching ceremony. supervise local production of our beer. He forms a sort of living guarantee that quality will be maintained. Standards so far have been complied with very well indeed. But that comes as no surprise, for Oriental Breweries have proved to be excellent partners. During the introduction period a Heineken marketing specialist will also advise our South Korean partners. Publicity is aimed at stressing our beer's Dutch origin and its long history, and at the end of last year when the TV advertising campaign was launched, the sight of real Dutch windmills on the screen must have captured the attention of many a viewer. Besides TV commercials, newspaper advertisements are used to press home the point that Heineken is an internationally known brand, one that is synonymous with quality. The efficiency and energy of the Korean partners was reflected by the fact that agreement with Oriental Breweries was concluded in a very smooth and efficacious way. As a result, we can confidently say that right from the start this South Korean venture augurs well for the future. Guests at the Heineken launch. 10

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