Heineken barman Italy's top DREHER Macomer, has two bottling lines and one small keg filling plant, all producing the Dreher brand. The entire ouput is sold on the island, which, as already noted, has a per capita beer consumption rate far higher than that of any other part of Italy. Not surprisingly, local supplies of Dreher are supplemented by growing imports of Heineken from the mainland. The reason for this heavy beer demand may lie partly in the fact that Sardinians have a strong sense of hospitality. A visi tor to any home on the island is sure of a courteous welcome and the offer of re freshment, perhaps a glass of Dreher or - a growing possibility - of Heineken. Pilsener type beer apart, there is also a cer tain kinship with some parts of Holland in the fact that Sardinia's colourful tradi tional costumes are still widely worn, particularly in mountain towns and vil lages. The coming of Heineken is not the only incursion by an internationally known beverage. There is also a substantial local demand for Coca-Cola - and Dreher plays a significant part in satisfying it. The com pany is sole shareholder in Sosib Spa, which bottles 'Coke' in a plant at Cagliari, Sardinia's capital, under a contract held since 1963. Italianate architecture The brewery at Genoa, Italy's major north ern port, was founded in 1906 and taken into the Dreher group in 1952. The plant is unusual among brewery installations in its kinship to Italian archi tecture. Something in the colouring and symmetry of the installations suggests a relationship with the Italianate architec ture of the large cities. This echo of Italian cultural tradition in a commercial setting underlines the way that the beer industry, in adapting itself to the needs of the Italian market, has taken on an essentially Italian character. Yet the windmills of the Heineken posters were an essentially Dutch signature, a reminder of the international influences accompanying Italy's gradual but significant change in drinking habits. 'Avanti con la birra'the watchword of the industry's promotion programme, would sound faintly amusing in any other lan guage. In Italian it has a vigorous ring of enthusiasm that bodes well for the future of Heineken and Dreher in the land of song. Mr. Gabriele Gislon pours a better beer than any other man in Italy. This he proved when he won the final of the Heineken draught beer competition at Milan and so became star Heineken barman for 1980. To do so he achieved a finer head of foam than 19 other finalists, the cream of 120 barmen who had contested elimination competitions in four regions of Northern Italy. Mr. Gislon's expertise won him and his wife a weekend in Holland plus a hand some trophy. The silo-building at Massafra brewery Mr. and Mrs. Gislon pictured in Holland during their prize holiday. 7

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