Heineken sponsors Sulky racing at Milan Fair Heineken served in famous 'Galleria' Heineken was main sponsor of the Sulky racing Grand Prix at this year's Milan Fair. Winners were the American team comprising the country's best professional Sulky drivers. Pictured here receiving the Heineken trophy from Mr. P. van Dongen Torman, Marketing Manager-Italyis American champion Mr. O Brian. lence. Abounding with vitality and pace, the film shows Heineken being consumed in all parts ot the country, so emphasizing wide distribution in Italy. Pedavena Pedavena in the Italian Alps is the oldest brewery of the Dreher Group. A new yeast cellar is the latest development in a pro gramme of improvements which has been continuous over recent years. These in clude an automatic malt receiving station, a water treatment plant and a total reorga nization of the routing and distribution within the brewery itself. The brewery both produces a substantial volume of Dreher and shares the com pany's Heineken production with Massa- fra. It is responsible for 40% of total out put. Brewing of the brands involves two entirely separate processes and two dif ferent types of yeast. The rugged dignity of Mont Avena, towering 1400 metres up behind the brew ery, and the unspoiled grandeur of the sur rounding hills, give the Pedavena plant a pastoral air. This is accentuated by trim lawns, a park and grounds carefully tended by a staff of four gardeners, and by a small zoo which is a living memorial to Eduard Luciani, animal lover and spare time naturalist as well as businessman. Another unusual feature is Pedavena's own meteorological station in the brewery grounds, recording all aspects of local weather - temperature, hours of sunshine, amount of rainfall and degree of atmos pheric humidity. It forms part of Italy's National 'met' network and also performs a valuable local service by regularly pro viding weather information for broadcast ing from the nearby radio station. Massafra production Near the naval base of Taranto, about 1000 km away to the south, lies the Massafra brewery, a relatively new factory whose first buildings were erected in 1963. Today it is the biggest single pro ducer in the Dreher group. It differs sharp ly from Pedavena in locale and setting but is no less attractive or picturesque. For while the Pedavena background is wild and mountainous, Massafra is an area of olives and oranges, centre of a rich wine pro ducing region, its roadsides ablaze for mile after mile with red and white oleander blooms. To the north-east lies the town of Massafra, built on a long gentle slope andresembling a North African town. This impression proves to be accurate, for Massafra has in fact developed from an Arab settlement of the 16th century. It has never lost its character. In the brewhouse, which averages six brews a day, a huge mural mosaic depicts the history of beer. All canned beer for the Italian market, both Heineken and Dreher, is brewed here. In addition the brewery, like Pedavena, has a small keg-filling plant and two bottling lines devoted to re turnable and "one-way" bottles. Throughout four months of the year Massafra works to capacity for seven days of the week, its 250 employees supple mented by temporary labour engaged for the summer; during the remaining eight months it reverts to the normal 5-day week. New facilities have been added in parallel with the industrial development of Southern Italy. They include the canning line, commissioned two years ago and producing 30,000 cans of beerevery hour, and 14 new 1500-hl tanks in the fermen tation cellars, installed in 1973 to supple ment 24 1000-hl tanks of an older type. Sardinian demand The Sardinia plant, which lies in the north of the Mediterranean's largest island at A new café has quickly become an 'in' venue in Milan's famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, which connects Piazza delta Scala with the cathedral. Named 7/ Salotto it offers a comfortable and re laxing nineteenth century atmosphere - complete with mirrors, armchairs, couches and'gas lanterns - where Mr. Mario Alloni and his partners serve a variety of snacks accompanied by frothing glasses of Heineken draught beer. 6

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