El New brewe for Dreher Heineken's 'Grande Concorso' in Italy IW1 fe&fl The Popoli brewery in central Italy. know what you're drinking!') Prominent in the background of beer's growing popularity in Italy is the Anton Dreher group, once the continent's largest brewing business under one management. They operated plants at Turin, Trieste, Genoa, Pedavena (in the north), Massafra (in the southern heel of Italy) and Macomer in Sardinia. Today the Turin and Trieste breweries are no longer in pro duction and the company as a whole has become a valued member of the Heineken group. Premium beer The overall picture of Heineken's Italian venture is an increasing public awareness of the premium quality international beer brewed in Italy, with the name Dreher perpetuated in the large and stabilized sales of a beer still a major element in the production and marketing programme. The entire Heineken and Dreher outputs are now shared by Pedavena, Massafra, Macomer, Genoa and a brewery plant at Popoli, 120 km east of Rome, recently taken over from the Italian company Moretti to strengthen production and dis tribution facilities in central Italy. These five facilities together provide ample room for current production and for any further expansion when needed. Marketing hub is the main office at Milan, where Mr. Leonida Zanchetta, General Manager since 1975 and Mr. Alger Oostra, co-General Manager since 1978, are based, together with a team of exe cutives. Main beer market is in the north, where much industry is based. Central Italy of fers only limited opportunities, but satis factory progress is being made in the south. The market in Sardinia is except ionally strong, with beer consumption more than three times as great as on the mainland. Distribution throughout Italy is handled through concessionaires responsible for bringing the product from breweries to point of sale - hotels, restaurants and other outlets. Marketing opportunity The underlying fact is that Italy does not have the strong beer tradition to be found in other parts of Europe. Italians regard beer not as a social drink, but as a soft beverage to be taken with a light meal. But since no one brand has an overwhelmingly domi nant position there is a first class oppor tunity for vigorous marketing. Advertising is indeed an important ele ment in the promotion campaign. There is strong emphasis on quality and future pro motion will continue to concentrate on it. One of the main planks in the publicity platform is a film which establishes identi ty and stresses quality and technical excel- ^^ndeConco,^ Heineken nel mondo A weekend in Rome and a ticket for the finals of the European football champion ships. a Bianchi bicycle.or a Heineken crown cork in 18-carat gold. These were the prizes offered in a Heine ken promotion competition organized by Dreher S.p.A. in Italy earlier this year. The competition, publicised under the slo gan "Heineken Worldwide"was open to the many thousands of Heineken retailers throughout Italy and was designed to en courage long term acquisition of Heineken stocks. During the five-month promotion every carton of Heineken beer delivered to a re tailer contained an entry form carrying six colour photographs titledIn these cities people drink a lot of Heineken"Each shot depicted a famous feature of one of the world's major cities. All the entrants had to do was to identify the six cities, write the names under the relevant pic tures - and wait for the postman to bring news of the prize. In due course the postman rang 350 lucky door-bells in various parts of Italy. Twenty-five happy retailers learned that they would be seeing the pick of Europe's football teams competing in Rome (with airline ticket and top quality hotel accom modation thrown in). Seventy-five decided to buy new bicycle clips to match their new touring model Bianchis (or chose Canon cameras instead); and 250 others consi dered that with the price of gold rocketing their 18-carat crown corks offered the finest consolation they could hope for! The campaign was supported by adverl tisements in trade magazines and by leaf lets distributed by wholesalers and trade representatives. The Dreher verdict: the competition was highly successful. Orders from retailers soared and there are signs that a large per centage of the increase will prove to be permanent. Other recent promotions in Italy have in cluded two ski championships at Peda vena. 5 Tableau in the Massafra brewing house see Heineken nel mondo Vrtvi ijuaJ] moo.

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