The Heinekei name gets ar Five breweries producing Heineken and Dreher brands foster new beer trend Market impact of quality and technical expertise The motorways of Italy now carry the Hei neken name! Since the beginning of this year long distance delivery trucks have been advertising the brand name along the many autostradas. In just five years the Heineken operation in Italy has grown from a technical consultancy to full-scale production shared by five breweries and backed by a nation wide sales and promotion campaign initiated and implemented by a Milan head quarters. This CONTACT visit report out lines, against Alpine and Mediterranean backgrounds, the organization, administration and day-to-day working of a progressive commercial enterprise. Windmills, those unmistakably Dutch identity symbols, are now familiar in all parts of Italy. Their arrival two years ago signalled a long term wind of change. Features of a colour poster campaign laun ched throughout the country, they domi nated a rural background while giving added significance to a glass of Heineken beer that stood, delectably frosted, in the foreground. In the heat of an Italian sum mer that beer certainly looked highly attractive. The message was not lost, it seems, on the promoters of other brands. Appearance of the Heineken poster was quickly followed by displays advertising the virtues of rival beers. Their rapid response to a Heineken initiative was more significant in Italy than it might have been elsewhere. It underlined a growing awareness that the country's drinking habits are taking on a new pattern, slowly, perhaps, but nonetheless changing. In a country traditionally noted for three major loves, wine has always come first. But now, however gradually, an increasing number of Italians are discovering the virtues of beer as the most effective way of quenching their thirst. Natural products This discovery is being energetically encouraged. Apart from the publicity pro grammes of individual brewers, a power ful national campaign is sustained by the industry as a whole. Last year it reached a peak of intensity, with advertisements ex tolling the qualities of la birra throughout the entire range of Italian media - in daily and weekly newspapers, in sporting and political journals, in magazines, in cinemas and on television. The message was that beer is a drink for every occasion and the ingredients are essentially pro ducts of Nature. Words and illustrations were all cleverly combined to give point to the slogan - 'Birra e sai cosa bevi' (roughly translated - 'Beer and you A wind of change in wine-loving Italy «1 Tfinekea Beer. The brewing house al Pedavena 4

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