In this issue: Heineken Heineken's new Sumatra interest Heineken's new Sumatra interest 2 A visit to Heineken 3 A wind of change in wine-loving Italy 4 Heineken in evidence at Holland's flower spectacle 8 Heineken salvages a nautical holiday 9 Heineken launches corporate identity campaign 10 Heineken salutes Canadian 1945 veterans 12 British stewards guests of Dutch licensed trade 12 Burundi's Bujumbura brewery expands 13 Management change at P.B.I. Indonesia 13 Work of Irish sculptress featured at Amsterdam 14 Draught Heineken in the Canaries 14 Brewing Copper award 14 Guestbook 15 No. 59 International Heineken magazine Appears 4 times a year. Heineken Contact, P.O. Box 2010 1000 CA Amsterdam The Netherlands Editorial committee: Marcel Eijck Freddy de Jonge Ton Kroon Peter de Lange Jan Siep Francis Tjaarda Copy: Ruth Kelly-Lugg ■LBMSSERIES DE L'limnurc.r Heineken's interests in Indonesia were extended last year by the acquisition of a 75% share of P.T. Brasseries de L'lndonesie ba sed at Medan in an area of Sumatra now showing rapid economic development. The company comprises a brewery to be devoted exclusively to production of the Bir Bintang brand, a soft drinks factory with international licences, and an ice factory. With the Medan interest Heineken now has breweries in Indo nesia's three most important centres, the others being Jakarta and Surabaya on Java. Permission must be obtained from the editorial committee for the reproduction in part or in full of any material from this magazine.

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