m Pictured in Heine ken's Amsterdam Brewery during a three-day visit to Holland are Mr. Nelson Vera Palacios second from right) and Mr. Albert Sterling (second from left), respectively director and financial manager of Importaciones La Sabana Ltda., Bogota, Heineken agent for Colombia. They are seen with Mr. Grimaldo (I.), manager of the Importaciones La Sabana subsidiary at Cali in western Colombia, and Mr. A.F. Kiljan van Heuven, (r.) Heineken Area Export Manager. Export of Hei neken to Colombia began in early 1979; today it is Colombia's number one imported beer. Heineken was host this summer to guests from Brain'sand Buckley's Breweries in Wales. Their pub outlets sell Heineken lager, and the visitors, accompanied by two Whitbread Directors, came to Holland to familiarize themselves with Heineken in its home country. Pictured at Zoeterwoude are Mr. C.M. Brain, Jt. Managing Director, Brain's; Mr. D.H.W. Davies, Whitbread Wales; Lt. Colonel W.K. Buckley, Chairman, Buckley's; Mr. l.H. Sturrock, Jt. Managing Director, Brain's; Mr. H. Kalff, Heineken; Mr. l.D. Wilson, Whitbread Wales; Mr. J. Bennett, Managing Director, Buckley's; MrJ. Donkers, Heinekenand Mr. H. Boxtel, Heineken. Two members of the Aruba Baseball Team who visited Amsterdam recently presented a trophy and souvenir photo album to the company in appreci ation of 30 years' Heineken sponsorship. Mr. R. van Duur sen centreis here seen accepting the gifts. Seen in Amsterdam during his visit to Holland this summer is Mr. Felix Ohiwerei from Lagos, Marketing Manager of Nigerian Breweries Ltd. He was in Holland for about a week to discuss product development and the introduction of Green Sands Shandy in the Nigerian market. Production tests at Aba Brewery have checked out well and the brewery will start production in early '81production of Green Sands Shandy at the company's Lagos and Kaduna plants will follow. Nigerian Breweries, which produces Star and Gulder beers and the Maltina drink, all under Heine ken technical supervision, is building a fourth brewery in Ibadan. This is scheduled to open in mid- 1982. Mr. Ohiwerei, who also paid a one-day visit to Den Bosch brewery, joined Nigerian Breweries as trainee marketing manager in 1962 and rose through a number of posts to become marketing manager in 1974. 15

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