Work of Irish sculptress featured at Amsterdam Draught Heineken in the Canaries Brewing Copper Award An exhibition of work by the Irish sculptress Joan Smith opened in the Hein- eken Gallery, Amsterdam, at the end of May. Born in Cork, Joan Smith studied at the Dublin Art Academy and in 1978 took first prize with sculptures shown at the Irish National Art Competition. She is especially well known for her work for schools, banks, churches and other large buildings. The Heineken Gallery, established 15 years ago, offers artists and sculptors an opportunity to exhibit their work in one of Amsterdam's busiest thoroughfares. It forms part of the Heineken brewery building in the centre of the city and has 40 metres of display windows. Each ex hibition lasts about five weeks. Dutch work predominates but, as in the case of Joan Smith, the Gallery also encourages artists overseas to show their work. The Joan Smith exhibition was opened by Paul van Vliet, well-known Dutch cabaret artiste; among those present at the ceremony were Mr. N. Kilkenny of the Irish Embassy in The Hague and a number of Dutch architects as well as many Heineken personnel. Dutch holidaymakers visiting the Canary Islands these days are feeling very much at home. They can enjoy a drink in typical Dutch pubs - "Brown Cafés" modelled on Amsterdam originals - complete with coloured posters of Dutch landscapes and of those national heroes the Ajax soccer team. The draught beer facility was made available in the spring of this year. It is a Heineken enterprise initially designed to cater for the 50,000 or so Dutch tourists who flock to the Islands every year. Heineken, Amstel and Mützig (the latter produced by the company's Alsace associate) are freely available in bottles and cans throughout the Islands. But draught beer has been a rarity, for the tropical climate of the Canaries has raised problems in the maintenance of the installations. Heineken disposed of these difficulties by sending an engineer to install the apparatus and by appointing as agent a Dutch company, ALECAN S.L., with considerable experience of handling and maintenance of draught beer. This company has its own cooled ware house for storage and operates its own maintenance team of three technicians. Today there are eight Heineken draught beer outlets in the popular Playa des Ingles and a ninth on board a schooner operating pleasure trips round the Islands. Winner of the 1980 Heineken Brewing Copper replica presented annually for outstanding Heineken sales achievement in the military market was Mr. Joe Proietti, here seen (left) accepting the award in Amsterdam from Mr. Han Klarenbeek, Area Export Manager- Military. Mr. Proietti, sales representative for MilBrands Inc.received the brewing copper for successes achieved in his off shore region, which includes Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Panama and Bermuda. MilBrands Inc. of Stamford N. Y. serves Heineken's interest among the U.S. and Canadian Forces, NATO and United Nations forces worldwide. In the criteria governing the award, manner of performance is graded as highly as achievement. Last year's winner was Mr. John McCarthy who scored outstanding successes in South Korea. 14

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