Burundi's Management Bujumbura brewery change at PB.I. expands Indonesia To keep pace with continuously increasing turnover, capacity of a Heineken associate company at Bujumbura, Burundi, Africa, is being extended by 50 per cent. The company is the Brasseries et Limonaderies du Burundi Brarudi S.A.R.L. which produces the well known Primus beer, only brand brewed in the country. Soft drinks and ice bars are also produced at the Bujumbura plant. Burundi is not one of Africa's hottest countries but there is a large demand for chilled beer and the ice factory does a thriving business as a result. Managers of outlets near the plant send boy assistants on bicycles to collect the ice. It is transported on the carrier behind the cycle saddle. CONTACT picture (top) shows one of the new buildings under construction. The large steps in the left foreground (below) are used to shovel the concrete to the top where it is mixed in readiness for use in reinforced structures. Mr. Tanri Abeng has been appointed General Manager of P.T. Perusahaan Bir Indonesia. He visited Amsterdam this summer to make the acquaintance of Heineken Board members and is pictured with Mr. A.H. Heineken (right) Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Mr. J. van der Werf (left) Board Member. 13

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