Heineken launches corporate identity campaign In close collaboration with its advertising agency in Holland, FHV/BBDO, Heineken has developed an international advertising campaign. The aims are: to build and support a world -wide corporate identity for the Heineken brand and the Heineken company; to provide extra support for •local Heineken advertising in various countries; to fight the international ^competition. The campaign has been devised and planned as an essentially long term effort, as seeding rather than harvesting. It will be directed mainly at interna tional decision makers, not merely for their value as consumers but also with regard for their status as accepted trend setters. A series of adver tisements is therefore to be placed in magazines circu lating internationally. Another reason for the choice of these journals is to avoid the risk of having the advertisements appearing in media already used for local Heineken adver tising campaigns. After thorough research the follo wing magazines were chosen: Newsweek International, Time (Atlantic, L.A./Pacific editions), Business Week (international edition), Inter national Management (edit ions circulating in Europe, Africa and the Pacific), the Economist (European editions excluding the UK), Far Eastern Economic Review, Progreso and the international edition of Fortune. As you will see in the introductory advertisement, the main message of the cam paign is, "When you make a great beer, you don't have to make a great fuss.And this is the keynote of all Heineken advertising. Heineken compe tes more by means of under statement than by superlatives. This is also the reasoning behind the visual aspect of the advertisements. Just an attrac tive glass of Heineken beer in combination with the bottle. No beautiful people, no glamorous surroundings. To express these ideas and to maintain long term attention, each advertisement, appearing after the introductory ad, will carry a different headline follo wed by the visual and the pay off line, which will always be the same: "When you make a great beer, you don't have to make a great fuss." We could show you old laded pictures of the brewers who started it all, ourgplden fields of barley, or all the medals we have won. However. When ww make a great beet yew dlift hmv to make a great hiss. Also available at Charles Monin's bar, hotel Nouvata, New Caledonia. Great Grandfather Heineken had a secret recipe. When you've got a secret recipe, vou don't shout about it. We could have taken a beautilul photograph ol beautilul people drinking Heineken on a beautilul Bahama beach. However. Once again we're not engaging an 84 piece orchestra to play our Heineken jingle. Of course we use prize hops, fine barley and pure yeast. Doesnt everybody? When yuti make .1 glial I x'et; 1 daft hmv u> 11 taken great his 10

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