Heineken is host to the royal horses fcr When horses and coaches from the Netherlands royal stables in The Hague are needed in Amsterdam, they are traditionally stabled with Heineken's dray horses. The four brewery horses recently had the company of no fewer than 17 royal horses and 15 accompanying grooms and coachmen during the state visit to Holland's capital of King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain. The pictures show some of the preparations necessary to put this impres sive show on the road; one of the two carriages leaving Heineken's stables and passing in front of the brewery en route for Amsterdam Central Station to meet the royal couple. 15 Mr. Peter Bergasse and Mr. Rodney Habbershaw paid a visit to Amsterdam from Port-of-Spain recent ly for annual commercial discussions regarding the Windward and Leeward Brewery Ltd., St. Lucia. Pictured at Den Bosch brewery is a group of Norwegians - brewery owners and Heineken distributors for Jarlsberg Mineralvann AS - who visited Holland earlier this year to familiarise themselves with Heineken and to learn at first-hand about the company's physical distribution systems. Earlier this year Heineken's Zoeterwoude Brewery had the honour of receiving the Japanese Ambassador to the Netherlands, His Excellency Mr. H. Uchida, accompanied by members of the Embassy Mr. Y. Nosuchi Mr. K. Hosokawa and Mr. I. Kodama. The guests were extremely interested in the Heineken organization and its products and to hear about develop ments in the Dutch beer market generally.

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