1 A non-alcoholic champion Inauguration beer mats ft fa H fèm AMSTEL Amstel Brew market leader in Saudi Arabia Amstel Brew, a non-alcoholic beverage, is market leader in Saudi Arabia just 10 months after its introduction. Shipments to the country already total some 30,000 cartons every month. Amstel Brew was specially developed for the Saudi Arabian market by Heineken's technicians at Zoeterwoude. After nearly a year of experiment they came up with a winner - a non-alcoholic beverage which of course needs no lagering period and which complies with Saudi Arabia's strict laws. The Brew is low in calories, is a good thirst quencher - an essential quality in great heat - and tastes like beer. The label carries date of bottling in both Arabic and English. Amstel agent for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the Arabian Establishment for Alimentary Products in Jeddah, represented by Sheikh Abdul Raouf Abuzinadah and Mr. Jimmy Bohsali. The brand's success is due not only to its quality but also to the enthusiastic and vigorous efforts of the agent's 14-strong sales force of driver/salesmen. The team combed Jeddah to ensure that every shop and outlet in and around the city had -supplies of the Brew. 1979 saw a three-month ban on import of non-alcoholic beverages - an unfortunate result of some abuses of the law. But the Amstel agent succeeded in keep ing the market alive from stock, building up goodwill and maintaining price levels until the ban was lifted. Promotion aside, much of Amstel Brew's success is due to the fact that in a country as hot as Saudi Arabia, soft drinks containing sugar can be sickly - and fattening. Oil is plentiful and water scarce, with the result that one bottle of imported mineral water costs the same as 20 litres of petrol. Against this background the sales of Amstel Brew have rocketed to the point where it can be bought everywhere - a clear market leader. Queen Juliana's choice of her birthday, April 30th, for the inauguration of her daughter Beatrix meant a few hectic months of preparation in Holland. For although the queen's abdication in favour of her eldest daughter had been expected for a long time, the announcement at the beginning of this year came as a surprise. Heineken commemorated the event with two special inauguration beer mats - illustrated on this page - which were introduced onto the Dutch market a few weeks in advance and quickly became popular collectors' items. 14 AMSTERDAM 30 APRIL 1980 KRONING PRINSES BEATRIX AMSTERDAM 30 APRIL 1980 KRONING PRINSES BEATRIX Mr. Jimmy Bohsali (r.) discusses Amstel Brew at Amsterdam with Messrs. R. van Duursen (I.) and P. Dek.

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