Extracts from Heineken's review of the year A special event during the period under review was the opening of the new distillery at Zoetermeer on September 21, 1979, by His Royal Highness Prince Bernhard of The Netherlands. We should like to say once again how grateful we are to the Prince for performing this ceremony. In view of the change in the balance sheet date from September 30 to December 31 we are reporting on a once-only basis for 15 months, i.e. the period October 1, 1978, to December 31, 1979. The turnover for this period was N.fl. 3,489 million and the net profit N.fl. 143.6 million. Course of affairs In the past calendar year 1979 the enterpri se has developed along reasonably favour able lines. The consolidated turnover increased by 7.5% from N.fl. 2,672 million in the financial year 1977/1978 to N.fl. 2,873 million in 1979. During the same period the net profit rose by 5.9%, namely from N.fl. 118.7 million to N.fl. 125.7 million. The share of turnover and profit obtained outside The Netherlands has further increased. Under the supervi sion of Heineken 24.6 million hectolitres of beer was brewed in 1979, compared with 23.4 million hectolitres in the pre vious financial year. In the field of soft drinks, spirits and wine we have an exten sive range at our disposal, the sales of which are similarly showing a steady growth. It is a source of satisfaction that the gradual build-up of our international position in the spirits sector was continued in 1979. Alcohol and society The use of alcohol is a permanent feature in large sectors of society, if only because it is interwoven with social life. Although the people concerned in our enterprise have every interest in stimulating the sale of our products as much as possible, this object is defeated in those cases where use of alcohol leads to misuse. The sensible use of alcohol can be taught, especially to young people in whom habits can still be formed. We believe that this is above all a matter of information and edu cation. Because the interests of our enter prise and of the consumer to a large extent run parallel, it is also up to us to play a 12 Heineken 1978/1979 annual report Beer brewed under the supervision of Heineken (in millions of hectolitres) 1974/75 1976/77 1977/78

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