local practice and the methods with which he is familiar at home. Popular yearly seminars Aside from brewing technicalities there are also Training Within Industry (TWI) courses offered by the British Manpower Services Commission covering subjects of common interest to all large commercial organizations, notably communications, safety and management techniques. In addition there are yearly seminars in Dutch and in English. Each caters for up to 20 students and lasts one week during which latest developments in the brewing technical field are the subjects of lectures by specialists and are subsequently discus sed. Apart from keeping all concerned abreast of technical matters, these occasions are popular as a means of meeting friends and colleagues from all parts of the world. Another facet of training is provision for Dutch recruits to Heineken in Holland. They may be groomed for engineering management duties, in which case they ta ke a course lasting a year; or they may be engaged on an 18 months' curriculum de voted to brewing technology. Part of the schedule may be spent in various depart ments in breweries in Holland, and trai nees often gain much valuable experience by standing in for executives on holiday. The worldwide spread of Heineken opera tions is illustrated by the variety of nation alities represented in Zoeterwoude train ing courses at any one time. During a recent CONTACT visit there were, typi cally, a number of Nigerians, a man from Trinidad, another from Singapore, two from Papua New Guinea and a Frenchman from Tahiti. Their application to the job in hand was evident and all were particularly appreciative of visits to outside factories. These they agreed were invaluable. Adapting to local food caused some pro blems but these were generally offset by visits to Amsterdam, a city noted for the variety of its cosmopolitan cuisine! 11

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