A Record in Athens! Success story of Nigeria's best- selling beer The Athenian Brewery last year produced one million hectolitres of beer - a record never before achieved within one calendar year at any brewery in Greece. Pictured here with the ten millionth crate is Mr. Daniel, Technical Manager, and some of the brewery people during a small ceremony to celebrate the event. Star beer, produced by Nigerian Breweries and Nigeria's best-selling brand for nearly 20 years, celebrated its 30th birthday in 1979. Since it was first brewed on June 2, Star has been produced in steadily increasing quantities. Before its introduction, Nigeria's most popular drink had been palm wine, but beer quickly became a national beverage. A number of other products have been gradually introduced by Nigerian Breweries Ltd., which was founded in 1946 with joint holdings by Heineken and United Africa Company (a Unilever associate.) The company now also brews Gulder Beer and Maltina, Nigeria's first non-alcoholic malt beverage. Its breweries at Aba, Lagos and Kaduna have been steadily extended as Star's increasing popularity has called for greater production capacity. The possibility of building a fourth brewery is being studied. The original idea of founding a brewery in Nigeria was that of Sir Frank Samuel, Director of U. A.C. It was conceived against the background of rapid industrialisation in Nigeria and throughout Africa generally in the years immediately following World War II. At that time investments were being made by Nigerian and foreign investors and new industries were rapidly springing up. Nigeria was clearly on the threshold of prosperity. Bold decision With their 1946 decision to found Nigerian breweries, however, Heineken and U.A.C. were embarking on a risky enterprise. Imported brands had long held exclusive in he Nigerian beer market and apart from the matter of introducing a new product to buyers there were problems of transport and raw materials supply. The history of Star beer provides one of Nigeria's outstanding succes stories. Today N.B.L. is confident that the future holds even greater promise for its main brand. 15 M. Jean Loubassa recently visited Heineken in Holland. M. Loubassa, head of the Finance Department at the Brazzaville Brewery in the People's Republic of Congo, arrived in Amsterdam following an eight-day Paris seminar on finance, and was on his second visit to Holland; he made calls at the Heineken head office in Amsterdam and Zoeterwoude brewery where he held consultations with members of the various purchasing departments and renewed acquaintance with other colleagues. Another high lights of his visit was an Amsterdam canal boat trip. Three years ago M. Loubassa made an extensive tour of Heineken's home installations. He had then just moved to the Finance Department of the Brazzaville Brewery which he had joined in 1973. M. Loubassa laid the foundations for a career in finance when he studied for four years at the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce et d' Administration d'Enterprise in Marseilles, specializing in banking. During his latest Amsterdam visit he spoke enthusiastically to CONTACT of plans for future extension of the Brazzaville Brewery. A Heineken associate, the company takes its name from the capital city in which it is based and is one of only two breweries in the Republic. It has won a large share of the local market with its bottled Primus beer. Built in 1954, the brewery now employs 250 workers and currently has a capacity of 300,000 hi. The planned extension, M. Loubassa said, will increase capacity to some 360,000 hi. Heineken is expanding its activities in Japan. The company's permanent delegate, Mr. D.S. Enters is a frequent visitor to Heineken's Head Office in Amsterdam to review plans. He is pictured here (right) on one of his visits with Messrs. A.G. Messing, Export Manager (left) and W.B.J van der Breggen, Area Export Manager. Mr. G. Netter, Heineken agent for 13 West African countries is pictured here (centre) on a visit to Amsterdam. With him are Messrs. R. van Duursen, Export Manager (left) and E.A. van Weeren, Area Export Manager. The brewery at Lagos.

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