Duncan Gilbey Matheson joins Heineken group Heineken TV commercials the "Best of'79" in Holland and France aams pqce bs m poDBaosous Heineken activities in the distilled products field last year included the acquisition of Duncan Gilbey Matheson, British distillery group. D.G.M., founded as Mark Gilbey Co. in 1953, exports a wide range of spirit concentrates and has associate companies and franchise holders in 48 countries. In addition to producing its own brand of spirits through its associates, the group markets through franchise holders, supplying both trade marks and raw materials. The African Continent has played an especially important part in the group's- history, not only with regard to locally blended spirits but also for the establish ment of distilleries. Today D.G.M. operates six distilleries in Africa, each producing the entire range of spirits. Some of them also distil a special drink for a particular market, such as Konyagi in Tanzania and Waragi in Uganda. D.G.M. operates in conjunction with local governments and when entering new areas provides a complete marketing package. It also provides management, overall technical advice and supervision, and trains personnel. All D.G.M. spirits are now produced in "Totapak" - a method of packaging small measures of liquor in polythene - and 1980 will see this pack marketed by all group affiliates. 14 Heineken TV advertising campaigns won a dual crown last year, carrying off the "Best of'79" awards both in Holland and in France. The title was conferred on Heineken commercials in both countries after viewers were questioned by in dependent advertising researchers. Pictures show film stills and a prize mascot - symbol of the Dutch TV Advertising Foundation - carrying his own personal award! 3o&®oR'O0z7® Décomé par las élèvos de fÊCOLE SUPÉRIEURE DE COMMERCE DE PARIS dans la calégone "biens de grande consommanon" la sociélé HEINEKEN pour l'ensemble de ses campagnes 1978 téajisóes par l'agence POBUCIS-Consell A Duncan Gilbey Math Amsterdam party enjoying

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