New style Heineken beer mats export office in Singapore Pictured here are the new-style Heineken beer-mats recently introduced - one design for import markets and one for local-brew areas. As may be seen, the new design identifies more closely with the well known Heineken green bottle label. Earlier style mats have been phased out and only the new can now be ordered. An extended range of complementary in-bar publicity materials, stickers and indoor signs is planned. Watch for details! Opportunities in the Middle and Far East markets, together with an increasing desire to become more operational in these areas, resulted in the opening of a Heineken export office in Singapore on 1st October, 1979. After some years of close co-operation with the company's partners, M.B.L., Malayan Breweries Ltd, Heineken exports from Singapore had reached a level which warranted setting up the company's own export office. The operation is unique in that it marks the first time that Heineken has embarked on this type of commercial activity. The official opening ceremony was performed by Export Director Mr. J.H. Drost. From left to right below are pictured Mr. L.F.D. van der Minne, Manager of the new export officeMr. MGKakebeekeMBL Technical Mlanager, Mr. D. Neill, General Manager of Heineken's partners and, behind, Mr. R. van Duursen, Export Manager. TRfcDE

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