Successful first brew airlifted to Holland Heineken beer for the British market is now in full production at a new Whitbread brewery at Magor in Gwent, South Wales. The first brew at the new plant on November 28 last year was a landmark in the Whitbread programme of Heineken lager production in the United Kingdom. Samples of the brew were flown to the Heineken Brewery at Zoeterwoude, Holland, for quality testing by the Heineken Technisch Beheer official taste panel. Passengers in the airborne "lager transport" were 12 Whitbread executives. Official tasters found the Magor-brewed Heineken up-to-standard. In the ensuing celebrations the visiting party were presented with an antique bar tap - a rare relic handed to Mr. Peter Shardlow, Whitbread's General Production Manager. The tap will be installed at the Magor plant, making it one of the few places in Great Britain, where lager can be drawn from an authentic, continental tap of early design. An additional gift to Magor was a consign ment of 1000 tulip bulbs which are now planted in the brewery grounds. Commented one executive: "Very appro priate - a Dutch setting for Dutch lager made in a UK brewery!". Whitbread has been responsible for a rapid expansion in UK sales in recent years during which it has brewed the Heineken in addition to its own bitters, ales and stout. Production started in one of the most modern Whitbread breweries at Luton and was soon followed in the British company's brewery at Samlesbury Greater demand was one of the reasons for the decision to establish the new Magor brewery. Heineken in full production in South Wales The antique beer tap gets some admiring glances. The taste panel in action.

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