Message from Alfred H. Heineken Great Heineken Battle Hunt NASSAU GUARDIAN, Wednesday, September 1, J976 7 Beer may be as old as human civilization. Stone carvings dating as tar back as 4000 B.C. indicate that beer played an Important role In the lives of the ancient Sumerlans. It Is known that the Babylonians devoted the utmost attention to the quality of their beer and that any tampering was severely punished. In the Egyptian tombs, Illustrations depicting the entire brewing process have been found. Germanic warriors pictured themselves in their lite after death in.Valhalla drinking beer out of the skulls of their defeated enemies. In Medieval Europe, beer yvas Initially brewed by women at home, and then in the public breweries, which were later taken over by special craftsmen. In the course of time, more and more attention was paid to the beer's taste, and it was often imported from abroad. History has it that the rise of Amsterdam was largely due to the German beer on Its way to Flanders. It was not long before tax was charged on beer and tax rises have led to many a small-scale revolt. Because beer was what everybody and anybody drank. Historians have even noted that the Eighty Years War, the Dutch War of Independence in the 17th century, was largely financed by the revenues of the beer tax. As time went on, the breweries developed Into regular small fac tories. One of them was the Hooiberg (the Haystack) founded in 1592 in Amsterdam and purchased in 1864 by 22-year-old Gerard Heineken. It was his ambition to manufacture beer of the very highest quality and he was willing to take a chance on new innovations. This was a formula bound to succeed and it soon resulted in a move to a new brewery In Am sterdam and, shortly afterwards, the construction of a brewery in Rotterdam. Very soon, Heineken beer was being exported to various countries including the former Dutch East Indies (Indonesia) and France. The beer's excellent quality was soon renowned far and wide. Combined with the active sale policies, this led to a world-wide distribution which now covers more than 170 markets. Heineken is the most idely ex ported Lager beer in th world. It is interesting to note tha' n 1933, right after the abolition - prohibition, BUMPER STICKER CONTEST As partot Heineken Beer's 25th anniversary celebrations, Bahamas Blenders is conducting a bumper sticker contest. Cases of Heineken beer will be given each day to lucky motorists whose vehicles are wearing the attractive green and white Heineken bumper stickers. The above picture shows lovely Karen Roberts who, during the month, bumper stickers. Look out for Karen, and careful, pi mm--urna l iia ZNS. Similar contest is also in effect at Freeport iu the years. People from all over the rlcans testing beer in the Heineken The great Heineken bottle hunt will commence on Monday, September 6. A specially marked Heineken bottle will be placed at a location on New Providence. Each day a clue as to where the bottle is hid will appear in both daily newspapers, and will be aired over ZNS at 6:50 p.m. If no one finds the bottle during the one week's competition, that week's competition will be called null and void and a new competition will start the following Monday. The person who finds the bottle should present It to Bahamas Blenders, John F. Kennedy Drive and upon verification, will receive a cash prize of $100. MISS HEINEKEN PLACED FOURTH - Lovely Denise Mortimer, entered es "Miss Heineken Beer," was the third runner-up in last Sun day's Miss Bahamas Beauty Pageant staged at Le Cabaret Theatre, Paradise Island. A physical education teacher at Saint John's College, Miss Mortimer, 24, is the daughter of Mr. A Mrs. Lester Mortimer. She will act as hostess at many of the activities during Heineken's silver iubilee celebrations. She will be offering bumper stickers to motorists this Saturday from 2 p.m. at Independence Shopping Centre.

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