THE WORLD OF HEINEKEN The many and varied activities of the Heineken Group on film n The content and style of the recently completed new company film had been under consideration for some time past. The reason was that the old film, "This is Heineken", dated back as far as the beginning of the sixties. Since then, the organisa tion's activities have expanded so widely that a new informa tion film became an urgent requirement. In particular it was needed for showing to Heineken's steady stream of visitors in jsf Holland and abroad, who comprise both sight-seers and I visiting businessmen; some 100,000 are received every year in the Netherlands alone. Preliminary discussions were held in 1974 and, after a general outline had been agreed, a research tour was planned. This was essential to enable the producer to become familiar with the film locations and to talk to the people who would help the camera team when shooting began. Ovér the years Heineken has expanded from a brewery com pany to an international organisation engaged in manufacture of many types of beverage, with Heineken beer its principal and best known product. For this reason the film deals with almost everything concerning beer and that vital expertise the technique of brewing. Attention is also given to the consumers and to the many types of trade and transport methods which keep them supplied with the product. The organisation's diverse activities and the history of Heineken are outlined by Mr. A. H. Heineken, Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors, making a personal appearance before the camera. Time and time again the film team were able to judge the importance of beer in every country in the world. They also observed, in many breweries they visited, the great care with which it is produced. The overseas tour took in Jakarta (Indo nesia), Singapore (Malaysia), Lagos (Nigeria), Kingston (Ja maica), New York and London. In Holland, the new brewery at Zoeterwoude, where everything sparkles and shines, offered some splendid shots. Mixing these with shots of the brewhouse at Bois-le-Duc has brought to the screen a visual symphony of copper and modern stainless steel. But it is not only today's developments that fascinate the viewer. There is, after all, much in the brewery trade that was proved by testing long ago and has been in use ever since Heineken A-yeast, for example, which has been propagated in pure culture since 1886 and of which other Heineken breweries regularly receive fresh shipments. The majestic Heineken march with which the film begins, played of course by the Heineken Brass Band of Bois-Le-Duc, was written by the Dutch composer Langestraat. Almost in the manner of a kaleidoscope, successive sequences show production halls in Holland and abroad, Hei neken experts offering help and advice at breweries in all parts of the world, company special occasions and happy drinking scenes. In just 20 minutes the film offers audiences a wide variety of information enabling-them to form, without conscious effort, a lasting impression of "The World of Heineken". Li SI r£ ai fil in a< D ci C si a\ P' Ai se c< sc fil te Le nc as M tic di ne L'i bii dc ce Ja Ki Er br Le Ié in< Mi la 6k bic pn rel rle La bie éc A mc les mc SC( En

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