IN 1971 HEINEKEN PRODUCED JAN VAN ROSSEM, Deputy Director of Production of all Heineken breweries in the Netherlands, has been with Heineken 18 years. Upon completing elementary studies in his hometown, Delft, Mr. van Rossem attended Wageningen University in Holland and received a Masters Degree in Agri culture. Later he took a one-year postgraduate course in the United States, at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin. Prior to joining Heineken in 1954, Mr. van Rossem worked for the Netherlands Department of Agriculture. Now based in Rotterdam, he also resides there with his wife and their three boys, aged 13, 12 and 10. ANTHONY TEN BRUGGEN CATE is Brewery Manager for Heineken in 's-Hertogenbosch, the largest brewing plant in the Netherlands. He started working for the company in February 1959 as a Technical Manager in Lagos. After 4y2 years in Nigeria, he returned to Holland in 1963 and was appointed to the position he holds today. Born in Hong Kong, Mr. ten Bruggen Cate moved to Indonesia in 1936. While there, he lived in Djakarta and in Bandung. After internment during World War II, he returned to Holland in 1946 to continue his education. In 1959 Mr. ten Brugge Cate graduated from Delft University with a Master's Degree in Chemistry. Then he served as an officer in the Royal Netherlands Navy for 21 months. Now he and his wife live in 's-Hertogen- bosch with their three children a girl, 14, and two boys, 11 and 9 years old. WIM SCHIPPER has held the time honoured title of Brewmaster for the past three years and is in charge of one of our two breweries in Amsterdam. After completing his basic studies, Mr. Schipper atten ded Wageningen University and graduated with a Mas ter's Degree in Agriculture. In 1964' he started working for Amstel as Production Manager. After Amstel merged with Heineken, Mr. Schipper was appointed to his present position. Pre viously Mr. Schipper had been employed in the sugar industry in Indonesia, and in a chocolate factory in Holland. He lives in Weesp with his wife and three daughters aged 15, 11 and 8. CHEF ANNEGARN, Chief of the Purchasing Depart ment. has been with Heineken 25 years. A native ol the Netherlands, he was educated in his homeland and in England at St. Aloysius College in London and St. John's College in Leeds, Yorkshire. Then Mr. Annegarn went to the Far East where he worked in the tobacco trade and with an automobile company. In 1938 he moved to Indonesia and was employed by a broker who exported rice, coffee and rubber. A prisoner of war from 1942 to 1945, Mr. Annegarn returned to Holland afterwards, and was hired by Heine ken in 1947. Now in charge of purchasing raw materials and packaging, he is based in Rotterdam and resides there with his wife and their three sons, aged 17, 19 and 20. BERNARD MENSE, in charge of short-term production planning, is a 101 Rotterdammer. He was born, raised, educated, and has always worked in that dynamic city where the Rhine River meets the North Sea. Naturally, he also lives in Rotterdam, along with his wife and two children a 10-year-old daughter and seven-year-old son. After graduating from the Institute of Business Administration in his hometown, Mr. Mense worked with a local company of auditors for five years. His career with Heineken began 13 years ago, in 1959. Now he specializes in logistics and coordinates supplies with orders. EGBERT GRAVESTEliN, Manager of Heineken's Packaging Research Department, was born and raised in Amsterdam. After graduating from the Technical School in Amsterdam, his first job was with Bruynzeel, a large Dutch manufacturing company specializing in wood products. In 1958, after five years with Bruynzeel, Mr. Grave- steijn was employed in the technical department of the Amstel Brewery. Now he is Manager of Heineken's research department and handles packaging, shipping, market development, etc. Based in Rotterdam, Mr. Gravesteijn and his wife live in Abcoude. They have a boy of three and a 6-year-old girl. JOHN BURGER, Transport Manager, has been a Rotterdammer all his lite. Born and educated in that bustling port city, he still lives and works there. After graduating from school, he studied French and English. Later Mr. Burger concentrated on obtaining a degree in German. With that accomplishment behind him, he took courses in freight forwarding and ex pediting. An employee of Heineken for over 25 years, Mr. Burger is married and the father of three a girl of 19, and two boys who are 22 and 14 years of age. HAN KLARENBEEK, Secretary of the Export Committee, was born and educated in Nijmegen, Holland, near the German border. Arter majoring in languages, Mr. Klarenbeek worked as an assistant to the director of a textile exporting tirm before joining Heineken two years ago. Married in 1965, he and his wife live in Bussum. DIRK LEEGSTRA, Export Department. A native of Am sterdam, he went to school there and completed his education in Bussum, southeast of the capital. Following graduation Mr. Leegstra was employed as Manager or the Curagao Trading Company in the Caribbean. While there he was in frequent contact with Heineken; his firm was the agent for our beer in Haiti. In 1958 Mr. Leegstra returned to Holland to work for Heineken on a regular basis. He now lives in Amstel veen, a suburb of Amsterdam, with his wife and 19-year-old son. JAN SIEP, Export Department. He studied economics and statistics in Rotterdam, his birthplace. In 1968, Mr. Siep took a postgraduate course in the United States, at Harvard University's International Marketing Institute. From 1946 to 1958 Mr. Siep worked in the former Belgian Congo now Zaire with two large, inter national trading organizations. When he joined the brewery 13 years ago, Mr. Siep was first employed as manager of the on-premises trade in the domestic market. He joined the Export Group in 1968. With their two daughters, he and his wife live in Naarden. ROBERT VAN DUURSEN, Export Department. Born in Indonesia, he left there at the age of 16, after a period of internment during World War II. After completing his education in The Hague, Mr. van Duursen served as an officer in the Netherlands Cavalry for two years. Then he attended Nottingham University (England) for one year. While there he met his British-born wife. They are parents of two boys. From 1955 to 1960 Mr. van Duursen was with Shell and worked in the Middle East, Singapore and Malaya. Employed by Heineken in 1962, he worked in the duty free and military areas before taking up his present position. ANDREW HOOGEWEEGEN, Export Department, was born in Rotterdam, went to school in Utrecht, and graduated from Leyden University with a Master's Degree in Law. Before graduating, in 1962, he served as an officer in the Netherlands Cavalry from 1956 to '58 and was stationed in Germany. A Junior Export Assistant when he came to the company ten years ago, Mr. Hoogeweegen became a Senior Assistant in the Export Department two years later. Since being promoted to his present position, Mr. Floogeweegen has travelled extensively and become a man of all seasons. His work takes him as far north as Iceland one week, and directly south to the Seychelles Islands in the Indian Ocean, the next. He lives in Ouderkerk, Holland, with his wife and two daughters aged three and four. 5,778 million hectolitres of Deer in our four Netherlands breweries (equal to approximately 4,331 million U.S. barrels or 3.105 million U.K. barrels). This could fill 722 average size swimming pools each containing 8,000 hectolitres. Heineken bought: 371 million botles if placed side by side in a straight line, they would equal more than four times the distance between New York City and San Francisco, California (20,776 kilo metres or 12,909 miles). 1,196 million bottle caps which would cover an area equivalent to over 5,000 tennis courts (1,131,900 sq. meters of 1,353,741 sq. yards). 17,625 million cartons with a total volume of 352,500 cubic metres which could form a 60 cm (two-ft) wide path from Amsterdam to Moscow or Athens. 5 WIM SCHIPPER CHEF ANNEGARN BERNARD MENSE JAN SIEP HAN KLARENBEEK JOHN BURGER DIRK LEEGSTRA ANDRE HOOGEWEEGEN ANTHONY TEN BRUGGEN CATE ROBERT VAN DUURSEN

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