J^'\ jLaclieó euuC 'TJte&cüzmeó et THeteieicció Wm, f r* In this issue three items of news, all of which are of importance for the future development of the Heineken Group. The first is that Heineken recent ly took over the Bokma Distillery, an old family concern (with a highly modern plant), that dominates the "Old Genever Gin" market in Hol land. Although the name of Bokma is famous in this country, it is com paratively little-known abroad, as an export market for their gins and other products has never really been developed. It goes without saying that we are considering using the Heineken export organisation to spread the name of Bokma all over the world. We may have further news for you on this subject at a later date. Secondly I am happy to an nounce that a final agreement has been reached with the local authori ties as regards the building of a large new brewery to the South of Am sterdam, which will eventually take over the entire production of our plant in Rotterdam. This brewery is planned for a production of one and a half million hectolitres by 1975, a capacity that can ultimately be ex tended to 10 million hectolitres per annum the eguivalent of 150.000.000 cartons of 24 10 oz. bottles. So there is no reason for you to curb your sales activities in the future! You will, however, see more immediate results from the third item, i.e. our decision minor in comparison to the others, but never theless important to all of us to commence shipping all our beer on pallets under shrinkfoil. Thorough investigation and a great number of trial shipments have proved that shrinkfoiling the cartons on pallets greatly improves their condition when they arrive at your end. More over, shrinkfoil diminishes water damage and even pilferage. But the introduction of shrinkfoiling is only part of the improvements in packing that we are aiming at. Our technical research engineers are constantly working on the problem, as we strongly feel that offering you the best possible packing is part of the service we have to give you in order to enable you to go on working for our mutual benefit by stimulating our sales. J. Ch. Cornells Export Director. Aujourd'hui je peux vous annoncer trois nouvelles importantes dans l'évolution du groupe Heineken. Premièrement Heineken a ac quit récemment la distillerie BOK MA", une vieille affaire de familie

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