HEINEKEN ON THE RHINE THB PAIMAETTEN 2 1. One of the T.H.B.-boats heading for the next client. 2. Big stocks are piled in this T.H.B.- ware house to meet with the big demands for Heineken. 3. The fast little T.H.B.-boats sail alongside while handing over the order to their client. 1. LIn des bateaux colporteur, s'acheminant vers le prochain client. 2. Les cartons de bière Heineken, entassés dans l'entrepöt du T.H.B. 3. Le bateau colporteur se met en position longitudinale et délivre les commandes tout en navlgant. The Rhine, Western Europe longest river (1.326 km), reaches Holland at a place called Lobith. To be precise, the frontier is in the middle of the river, and between 220 - 230.000 boats cross it annually, most of them carrying cargo. And at this point a large number of ships take on pro visions while under-way, about half of them from one of our business relations, the firm of Tolkamer Han delsbelangen (T.H.B.). Only the ships going to Germany can receive this service. Orders are given in advance by post, telephone or walkie-talkie and are prepared in the T.H.B.- warehouses. They consist mostly of drinks, preserved, tobacco and cigar ettes and of course Heineken, a favourite drink for many crews. This is proved by the fact that 80 percent of T.H.B.'s beer turnover consists of Heineken. When the par cels of orders are ready, a watch is kept by means of a telescope and the fast little T.H.B.-boats go to meet their clients on the Rhine and sail alongside them while they hand over their parcels, without the ships going to stop. In this way thousands of ships of various nationalities are annually provided with Heineken in 'the nick of time'. 16

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