DRAMATIC LEAP IN HEINEKEN'S SHARE IN THE BRITISH MARKET What we in Europe call 'Pilsner'- type beer is traditionally called 'Lager' by an Englishman. The word originates from 'lagering', which is the maturing period in the brewery tanks that this type of beer needs to complete the fermentation process. A gradual revolution in British beer- drinking habits has taken place over the last five years. Slowly but surely our British friends are beginning to drink more and more 'Lager' instead of their traditional 'Ale', and are now drinking five times as much of the former as they did in 1965. There are various reasons for this Mr. Mark Tabor, Whitbread's Marketing Executive, and Mr. J. Ch. Cornelis after the commissioning ceremony of the 10.000th draught lager installation, 'commissioned' by Miss Heineken U.K., at the Pakenham Arms, London. Mr. Mark Tabor, directeur du Marketing de Whitbread, et Monsieur J. Ch. Cornelis (a droite) après la mise en service de la 10.000- ème installation de soutirage a Pakenham Arms, Londres, qui est servie par Miss Hei neken G.B. remarkable upsurge in the popular ity of Lager: one is that it is cool and refreshing in warm weather, and another is that due to local brewing, it is no longer sold at the exorbitant prices of the past. On top of this, a greater number of Englishmen travel abroad these days and acquire a taste for the Lager they drink when out of the country. One of the most popular Lagers in Great Britain is Heineken, which has shown a faster rate of growth than any other and which now accounts for about 20 of the total Lager turnover in England. The main reason for this success is that Heineken is distributed by Whitbread, Britain's third largest brewing group, that controls 20 breweries, over 100 distribution depots and nearly 9,000 pubs. Found ed in 1742, Whitbread is still very much a family concern and the present chairman, Colonel W. H. Whitbread, is a direct descendant of the founder. Imported Heineken in bottles and on draught has been available in Great Britain for many years through Hein eken Limited, a company that was jointly owned by Heineken N.V. and Whitbread. During the past two years, however, sales of draught beer have increased at such an astonishing rate over 30 per annum that Heineken N.V. decid ed to allow lager bearing its name to be brewed outside of Holland, in this case at Whitbread's new multi- million pound brewery at Luton, thirty miles North of London. (See the pictures on the next page). The tremendous growth of Heineken sales this year was partly attribut able to the exceptionally warm summer, but the main factor has been Heineken's strongly con tinental flavour, which has proved more acceptable to the British drink ing public than that of other lagers. Last but not least we must mention the marvellous efforts of our good friends of Whitbread's who launched a splendid Heineken camp aign at just the right moment, with as main theme 'There's a terrific draught at your local'. It involved television and cinema advertising, as well as posters and bus sides. Recently Heineken celebrated the installation of its 10,000th dispensing unit at a well-known London pub. Mr. Cornelis, our Export Director, performed the ceremony, on which occasion he once more expressed the great appreciation we all have in Holland for the excellent job done by the Whitbread organisation.

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