A SAD FEELING MELANCOLIE One of our good customers from West Cameroon, Mr. Tobias Fonjungo, recently spent three days in Amsterdam. Not only were there discussions about present and future plans, but he also found time for a visit to the brewery. One of our guides in the brewing hall is showing him the ingredients used to give Heineken its full-flavoured taste. On the photo you can see at the right of the guide Mr. Tobias Fonjungo and Mr. van Till. We hope to see Mr. Fonjungo often in Amsterdam again. Un de nos bons importateurs du Cameroun Occidental Monsieur Tobias Fonjungo nous a rendu a Amsterdam une visite de trois jours, au cours de laquelle a cöté des conversations sur les affaires courantes et futures, on trouva naturellement le temps de visiter la brasserie. Dans la salle de brassage, un de nos guides lui montra les ingré- dients utilises pour obtenir Ie goüt savoureux de notre bière. Sur la photo, vous voyez droite a cöté du guide, M. Tobias Fongungo et M. van Till. Nous espérons pouvoir recevoir encore souvent M. Fonjungo a Amsterdam. The consumption of beer in Italy is as yet not very high, but it is growing rapidly. The Heineken sales rise above all others. On this photo you can see Heineken's Sales Manager Mr. Armando Scara- muzzino at the Trade Fair in Milan. A large number of people profited from a Dutch cheese that was given free of charge if three cans of Heineken were bought. En Italië, la consommation de bière n'est pas encore trés élevée, mais elle augmente cependant rapidement. Les ventes de Heineken dans cette progression, prédominent fortement. Sur cette photo, vous voyez Ie délégué permanent de Heineken en Italie, Monsieur Armando Scaramuzzino pendant la Foire de Milan. On a offert un fromage de Hollande aux nombreux amateurs a I'achat de trois boites de Heineken. In the Koninklijke Shell Post, which is sent all over the world like our Heineken Contact, we found this apt little verse that was written by an American Shell em ployee, Mr. Ron Kienle. He spent about a year in Hol land and below the words of Goodbye that he wrote on his return to the United States, he gave his regret at leaving free play. We thought that you might like it as much as we did, so with acknowledge ments to the Royal Dutch Shell Post Dans Ie "Koninklijke Shell Post" qui, de même que Heineken Contact, va dans Ie monde entier, nous avons trouvé un petit poème touchant d'un em ployé de la Shell améri- caine, Mr. Ron Kienle, qui a séjourné environ un an aux Pays-Bas et qui en faisant ses adieux, avant son retour aux Etats Unis, a laissé libre cours a sa mé- lancolie de son départ. Tout en remerciant la ré- daction de Koninklijke Shell Post, nous avons pensé que vous ne pouviez pas manquer ces vers. When I arrived about a year ago what the year would bring, i just didn't know. I felt all alone in a strange, new place, with all different names, and not a familiar face. Even my own name was 'meneer' by now and I came home to find that my wife was 'mevrouw'. The children made new friends inside of a week, to replace Fred and Ken, they found Wim and Piet. After a month, things were going with ease, We had wooden shoes and we ate Gouda cheese. There were no more strange faces, for friends they became, so many in fact, i couldn't begin to name. I've worked with English, German, Australian and Dutch, All of whom I grew to like very much. But now the year has almost gone by, And I have a sad feeling, almost to cry, not because of the friends who are near but because I must leave Heineken's bier. That he didn't have to say goodbye to us almost any where in the world became apparent soon after his arrival in New York, where he was presented with a crate of Heineken. In the meantime a collea gue of his, Mr. J. L. Edgar van Cee, who was still here, couldn't resist a reaction to Mr. Kienle's effusion. The following lim erick was the result: II a découvert dès son retour New York, oü un carton de Heineken lui fut remis, que nulle part dans Ie monde, il avait besoin de prendre congé de notre bière. Entretemps, un collègue restant sur place, Mon sieur J. L. Edgar van Cee, n'a pas voulu manquer de réagir aux épanchements de Mr. Kienle. II le fit avec Ie poème suivant: There was a young man in The Hague with feelings delightfully vague. For Heineken's beer he sheds many a tear. It's all that he'll miss from The Hague. OFFERTA SPECIALEUy— 16

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