Heineken N V. 7 Summary Sustainability Report 2013 Focus area HI What we said we will do by 2015 Aim for sustainable sourcing of raw materials for crop year 2015:20% (barley), 40% (hops), 60% (bittersweet apples for cider) What we've done in 2013 Sustainable sourcing procedures approved and being rolled out with our key suppliers Started development of reporting system to monitor progress on commitments, which we will pilot with suppliers in 2014 50% of agricultural raw materials used in Africa to be locally sourced within the continent Increased our local sourcing from 45% in 2012 to 46% Started three new Public-Private Partnership projects in Ethiopia, Rwanda and Sierra Leone Appointed a Local Sourcing Director to increase focus and coordination between projects Four-step Supplier Code Procedure operational within all Operating Companies All majority-owned Operating Companies, excluding APB, were in scope for the Supplier Code Procedure, the speed of rollout depending on the maturity of the Operating Company J We commit to invest a minimum of 10% of our media spend for Heineken® in supporting our dedicated responsible consumption campaign in at least 50% of our market volume Developed 'Dance More, Drink Slow' campaign throughout the year, with official launch held in January 2014. Media investment commitment included as part of 2014 budget Every market in scope has a partnership to address alcohol-related harm. All partnerships meet HEINEKEN's 7-point partnership criteria Out of 40 markets in scope, 36 now have at least one partnership (33 in 2012) Global industry commitments: precise goals for 2015 to be decided in conjunction with industry via ICAP and GAPG organisations Global commitments KPIs developed and being implemented. In each of the action areas preparatory work was done in 2013

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